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1* Michelin Tapas Dinner at Fogón

Fogón The evening of the epic chocolate tour and pastry tasting, HC and I had early dinner reservations to Fogón. My dining plans in Paris were essentially trying to get a taste of everything and I hoped to get my lips around some good, creative Spanish food. Granted, we’re not in Barcelona but it’s close enough compared to New York City. Before we parted ways from Gilles Marchal, he told me that he knows the co-owner of Fogón, Vanina Herraiz. (Gilles was a former pastry chef at the 2 Michelin-starred restaurant Le Bristol for 8 years before joining La Maison..

El Quinto Pino

Last week I met up with a friend who’s visiting New York City for a couple of days and we arranged to meet up for dinner for the sake of catching up. Talking a bit about where either of us wanted to go, we settled down for El Quinto Pino. Entering this tiny, bar and stools setting with approximately sixteen seats with a semicircle-shaped marble bar, this place was filled with diners. And it’s only 6:30 on a rainy evening. Placing ourselves near the windows, our server asked us what we’d like to drink; I stuck with water, my dining..

Lunch at Casa Mono – Take 2

Taken place on September 4, 2009. Around the second week when Ruskie is in town, we arranged to have lunch at Casa Mono. Both of us went there before but we’d agree that it would be nice to visit there again since it’s been a while and we did like their food (in our disparate ways). Baguette & Olives in Olive Oil The baguette and olives were still the same as I remembered – not too crusty with fluffy crumb and the olives were still briny while the olive oil gave it additional richness. (more…)

Dinner at Kuma Inn

[Here’s my long overdue post on my birthday dinner at Kuma Inn that’s taken place on November 7th.] Kuma Inn’s Entrance and Interior After having [cref my-birthday-celebration-part-1-cakes-drinks-and-fried-hot-dogs a cocktail at PDT], we (as in Helen, Giulia, Seungmi, and I) all walked down south to the Lower East Side for Asian tapas at Kuma Inn. Since it’s a relatively small group than what I’ve originally planned on, I didn’t bother with reservations even though it’s a Friday night. (more…)

Tapas at Casa Mono

I finally ate here For several years, I’ve been dying to go to Casa Mono just because I read about their tasty tapas in a publication (I think it was The New York Times?) that extolled the food. Also hearing it from several foodies helps build my excitement to eat there as well. But I haven’t gone there since I didn’t know anyone who would eat there with me. That’s until I met up with my Aussie reader, Suzen and her friend Sarah who was interested in trying out the food. Woot. (more…)

Tapas Dinner at Islero

A few Thursdays ago, I planned a dinner with Ariel to Islero, a new tapas restaurant and bar that’s located in Midtown East. I sort of picked this place just because I wanted to try something different. We originally started small since Ariel’s complaining that he ate a fairly heavy lunch at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar. So, I taken it into account and we ordered four dishes and a dessert: Arroz Cremoso Sopa de Castanas Conchinta Plums & Figs Peanut Butter Spoons (dessert) But we ended up having a mini-feast of sorts and having a total of six courses and two..

A Crazy Night of Fooding…(P*Ong, Alta, and the Dessert Truck) Part 2

I apologize for two reasons on this post: 1. I’m preposterously late posting this up. (It’s been nearly two weeks. TWO WEEKS?!) and 2. Some of my photos suck that I’m borrowing a few of Robyn‘s photos for the sake of saving you some of my dreadfully blurry photos. This post is continuing on the evening after the “amuse-bouche” at P*Ong (as Ariel called it) and moving on to the real dinner at Alta. So, here we go… I’ve coordinated this dinner just because Jessica’s back in town for the weekend and Robyn told to me that she never tried..

A Late Lunch/Fooding with Sam: Boqueria & Cafe Grumpy

The past Thursday, when the weather in NYC was atrocious: it rained then changed to sleet, transformed to snow, then back to the pouring of rain. Isn’t Mother Nature great?! Sighs… The good thing was that fact I don’t have classes but I had to study for my finals since they’re starting on Monday (4 finals in a row = mind suicide). Anyways, ever since I had my previous dinner at Momofuku Ssam with Sam and a bunch of other friends, I never really hanged out or went fooding with him. Since he’s going back to his hometown in Missouri..

Late Snacks at Stanton Social

Over the weekend, I wanted to go brunching for some reason. Maybe because of feeling restless from sitting on my butt in front of my laptop writing papers ENDLESSLY or studying from law textbooks just makes me want to blind myself? Possibly… So, for a few days before Saturday, I’ve contacted my almost dependable fooding friend, Ariel to ask if he wants to have brunch? After exchanging e-mails infrequently that I known practically last minute where and when we’re meeting. Thanks to my iPod Touch’s WiFi capability, I got the message before leaving the city and abandon Ariel. Anyways, we..