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Day 3 with StarChefs.com ICC and NY Rising Stars Gala

[Translate] The third and final day for StarChefs.com’s International Culinary Congress has arrived and after speaking to several chefs and attendees who were there that morning, they were exhausted not just because it is 10 AM, it’s because of the parties they went to the night before that went into the wee hours of the morning. Chef Mendes, oils to sip, and the dishes he demonstrated Since I wanted to save my energy from going workshop to workshop, I attended one that is co-hosted by Aldea‘s Chef/Owner George Mendes and the president/CEO of a Spanish olive oil company. The idea..

Highlights of Day 2 at StarChefs.com ICC

[Translate] Day 2 of StarChefs.com International Culinary Congress (ICC) was another food-filled day – information-wise and the actual eating of food. As every day of those three days of ICC, it starts early around 8:30 AM. Thank goodness for Nespresso to provide the caffeine that I personally think every sponsor and attendee needed. The morning kicked off by continuing to round 2 of the 1st Annual Pastry Competition, all about plated desserts. I didn’t stay too long since I attended Executive Chef Dan Hunter of Royal Mail in Dunkeld, Australia‘s workshop. Executive Chef Dan Hunter and his demo’d dish Hunter..

StarChefs.com International Culinary Congress: Day 1

[Translate] This year, I’ve been invited to attend the three-day long Star Chefs International Culinary Congress, I’ll abbreviate it as ICC. This event was fun, obviously, there’s food ’til there’s no tomorrow and you get to meet and see respected chefs (nationally or internationally known) in action with their workshops. Starting with Day 1, the 1st Annual Pastry Competition kicked off first thing in the morning. Pre-desserts churned out Some of the judges for the pastry competition Gorgeous pre-desserts, as this is the first round of this competition, were churned out. A number of well known pastry chefs like Michael..