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Prosciutto di Parma’s 50th Anniversary Party at Osteria Morini

[Translate] Osteria Morini’s exterior, Chef/Co-Owner Michael White & Hand Carving 30-month aged prosciutto di Parma Prosciutto di Parma threw their 50th Anniversary party at Osteria Morini. Magnum bottles of Fattoria Paradiso Sangiovese di Romagna 1993, Various cocktails, Pecorino Dolce and my plate of Prosciutto di Parma Since this is a prosciutto party, almost everything served have touches of that beloved, cured Italian ham – even the cocktails and desserts. The Melone e Prosciutto cocktail is composed of melon infused El Dorado Rum, Cocchi Americano, Elcone Sherry, melon purée, with a smoked salt and Prosciutto rim. Initially salty and crunchy from..

A Recent Visit to Dominique Ansel Bakery

[Translate] Blood orange poppy seed cake I’ve always been a fan of Dominique Ansel Bakery ever since it been opened about two years ago. I adore his French pastries like the DKA and especially the cannele. Even his quasi recent release of the über, intensely decadent, fudgy chocolate flourless cookie that is the stuff chocoholics dream of. Anyway, I made a visit over this rainy weekend and was craving for Chef Ansel’s gorgeous pastries. I bought the blood orange poppy seed cake ($5.75, seen above). It’s a shiny, vibrant red-orange cake filled with creamy vanilla mousse, firm blood orange gel..

Brunch at Pera SoHo

[Translate] Pera SoHo exterior and interiors; Our drinks to start This past weekend I had a good brunch overall at Pera SoHo. This Mediterranean restaurant had lots of Turkish touches that intrigued me to have brunch here. (I’m not a fan of traditional brunch. I think a typical brunch would be run of the mill breakfast food and one has an excuse to drink booze in the morning.) On that note, we started with a delicious and fruity red wine sangria and a potent yet balanced Turkish apricot bellini ($7 each). Not long from the arrival of our drinks, the..

Day 2 of New York Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center

[Translate] The final day of New York Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center, co-hosted by New York Magazine was a bittersweet ending to this fun weekend. It was hard to grasp that it was Sunday. We’re all exhausted from cooking and/or baking our heads off on Saturday. (I couldn’t fathom how the chefs felt, who have to teach Sunday morning classes, after working on the busiest day of the week at their own kitchens.) We all made friends with other guests who attended this culinary weekend and made a connection with the chef with whom you’re a fan of..

Day 1 of New York Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center

[Translate] Today was my first day (and first time) at the New York Culinary Experience at The International Culinary Center, co-hosted by New York Magazine was overall, simply amazing. Even though I had to get up at an ungodly hour on a Saturday morning to get dressed, caffeinated and hopefully manage to wield a knife by 8:30 AM, it was worth it – and most importantly nobody got hurt. This culinary experience was top notch from the start of basic necessity of (many cups of) Illy coffee with breakfast to the actual cooking classes with the chefs who are involved..

Dominique Ansel Bakery – A Pastry Lover’s Dream

[Translate] Signage outside, Inside the pastry display, and a rainbow of ‘Mini-Me’s Pastry chef Dominique Ansel, a former alum of the internationally acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud of six years opened his own bakery in SoHo. As a person who loves pastries, I made some time in my schedule to visit this bakery. Being barely a week old, this bakery was buzzing with activity when I arrived here yesterday around 11:30 AM. Though I was tantalized with the delicious looking savory sandwiches and salads offered and displayed, I held off for another day just to have Ansel’s baked goods since he’s..

New York Taste 2011

[Translate] This year’s New York Taste 2011 took place at Skylight SoHo, it’s presented by sponsor HSBC Premier (with additional sponsorship from Bordeaux Wines, Cadillac, and Spring44 spirits). 45 NYC-based restaurants and the International Culinary Center (they featured frozen cocktails) cooked and fed the hungry and attendees to this fun Monday night event. Lots of powerhouse chefs like George Mendes of Aldea, Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster, Seamus Mullen of Tertulia, Michael Psilakis of Kefi, and Paul Liebrandt of Corton graced their presence to talk and fed us. Here’s my top five picks of the evening: (more…)

Visiting Vosges Haut Chocolat in SoHo for Ice Cream and Bacon + Chocolate!

[Translate] Inside the SoHo boutique For the past three years or so, I’ve been a fan of the Chicago-based luxury chocolate brand, Vosges Haut Chocolat, under the ownership and the head chocolatier, Katrina Markoff. The main reason why I like Vosges is their bacon + chocolate collection, though everything else is fun to eat. Arguably, this is their signature or what made Vosges super popular beyond owner/chocolatier, Katrina Markoff’s infusion of spices and chocolate. (If I recall correctly, that’s about the same time the bacon + chocolate combination became mainstream.) In New York City, there are two boutiques – the..

Mariebelle Chocolate Boutique

[Translate] Interior My friend and I visited Mariebelle in SoHo for a late afternoon cup of hot chocolate. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this boutique as there are so many different options as to where I can get my fill of chocolate – solid or liquid form – but I thought it’s about time to revisit. This boutique has the elegant, vintage look with the large chandelier that hangs in the center or the room and vintage print posters reflecting their current Valentine’s Day packaging on their chocolate bars and caramels. It’s very pretty. (more…)