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Pork Pies by The English Pork Pie Company

Various pies from English Pork Pie Company Recently, I’ve “discovered” really delicious pork pies by the The English Pork Pie Company based in Buffalo, NY. It does sound ironic that one could find such things that is a very English food item in upstate New York. This company Damian and Vicky Parker started this brand in 2008, knowing that the large British expat community. Pork pies are made of roughly chopped pork and pork jelly sealed in a pastry. The English Pork Pie Company’s pies were delicious. The savory pastry crust was flaky and just had enough ratio to the..

Australian-Style Pies at Pie Face

Exterior and Interior of Pie Face; Savory and Sweet Pies I’m a big fan of pies. I don’t care if it’s sweet or savory. I’ll eat them all. This lead me to the Australian-based bakery Pie Face in Midtown West, about a block from the Sullivan Theater. Inside this corner bakery, you’ll be seeing a lot of adorable smiley faces (or cute semi-frowns), as it’s the company’s way of deciphering the seven different flavors of pies. The flavors are globally influenced but some are familiar. There were sandwiches, wraps, and soups but I was there mostly for the pies. (more…)