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Dinner at Plan B Restaurant – A Creative Tapas Restaurant in Nolita

[Translate] Plan B signage and interior Plan B restaurant is an eccentric, tongue-in-cheek kind of tapas restaurant that sticks out from other tapas restaurants. Some menu items are familiar but have a certain twist the makes it different (like their take on a Cubano sandwich) and some are offal cuts that not many restaurants would think of selling (e.g. bulls testicles, which I’ll explain that experience later). All of these foods are cooked under the helm of Roberto Hanechak. The interior looks like an edgy skateboard park landscape of urban Bilbao and Barcelona. Graffiti art brightens one wall, banquettes are..

Dinner at Cafecito

[Translate] Interior and the bar Cafecito is located out in the Alphabet City section of East Village. It’s a homey yet festive restaurant that focuses on very good Cuban food. Drinks We started with a strong yet fruity mango margarita ($7) and a Materva ($4), a non-alcoholic yerba mate soda. The soda is sweet, herbaceous and grassy. (more…)

Matilda Restaurant

[Translate] Some of the interior I have grown a fondness and respect Mexican cuisine ever since I went to Cabo last summer. I do admit, I don’t normally make my way out to Alphabet City of East Village but a friend suggested heading out to Matilda. Matilda is a small, family owned restaurant that claims to be a Mexican-Tuscan restaurant. The menu reads mostly Mexican cuisine with very subtle nuances of Italian but nevertheless, a guest and I went head-on to eat some of their dishes. Appetizers & salad: Chicken taquitos (the day’s special), Quesadilla with mozarella, shrimp, corn and..

101 Taiwanese Cuisine, Flushing, Queens

[Translate] Menu, Interior and tea with edamame served on the side On a recent Saturday, a friend and I went to Flushing, Queens for grocery shopping. Starving and craving for something different than dim sum, we thought of having Taiwanese food. My friend suggested 101 Taiwanese Cuisine as there’s word around that it’s pretty good. The restaurant is located a block away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street, not far off from the 7 train station, making it a bit more serene than most establishments who are on it. Two things I’ve noticed when we entered were how..

Brunch at Pera SoHo

[Translate] Pera SoHo exterior and interiors; Our drinks to start This past weekend I had a good brunch overall at Pera SoHo. This Mediterranean restaurant had lots of Turkish touches that intrigued me to have brunch here. (I’m not a fan of traditional brunch. I think a typical brunch would be run of the mill breakfast food and one has an excuse to drink booze in the morning.) On that note, we started with a delicious and fruity red wine sangria and a potent yet balanced Turkish apricot bellini ($7 each). Not long from the arrival of our drinks, the..

Belated Birthday Dinner at Eleven Madison Park (2012)

[Translate] Exterior and interiors of Eleven Madison Park and my (belated) birthday card I’ve been trying to keep with tradition to celebrate my birthday at Eleven Madison Park (as I have last year and in 2010; I’ll shorten Eleven Madison Park as EMP), albeit a bit late since November was fully booked by the time I’ve tried making a reservation but it’s a first for me to have dinner there and eating a winter tasting menu. (I ended up having a closer to my birth date dinner at Humm and Guidara’s other restaurant The NoMad.) This 3* Michelin restaurant has..

Weekend Lunch at Marble Lane at Dream Downtown Hotel

[Translate] Interior Marble Lane located at the beautiful and hip Dream Downtown Hotel is a fairly new restaurant located in the Chelsea/Meatpacking District. This restaurant has an open-floor plan that once you enter this hotel on West 16th Street, you’d be practically greeted by the hostess and can’t help staring at the eye-catching, sea of drop-ceiling spherical lights and straight down is the hotel’s lobby where one may lounge at their plush silver leather sofas and look out at the lush back garden area even though the temperature of Manhattan was in the high 30s. (more…)

Dinner at Papadam

[Translate] Interior, Menu, Papadam with chutneys, Indian inspired cocktails Papadam located in the Upper East Side is one of the fewest neighborhoods I would imagine having very good traditional Indian food at a very reasonable price that we went on a recent Saturday night. Admittedly, I’m a novice to the realm of Indian cuisine but I am fascinated by the complexity of flavors and spices used in their food and I think this restaurant is a good stepping stone. This narrow restaurant that has an exposed brick wall with a long leather banquette looks pleasant and relaxing to be in...

Sugar and Plumm, Upper West Side

[Translate] Sugr and Plumm: Exterior, retail counter, dining room Sugar and Plumm is the newest addition to the dining scene on the Upper West Side. Sugar and Plumm’s flagship location in Paramus, NJ expanded to this Manhattan location looking like a sophisticated, polished kind of Candyland with the general color scheme of lavender purple, cream, and touches of polished silver. When you step foot through the door of this bakery, gelateria, and restaurant, you’re welcomed with literally eye candy. Piles of cookies, muffins, and croissants on a display case near the register, along with the ice cream and sorbets, chocolates..