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Taiwanese-Style Mooncakes and Taro Root Paste Recipes

Traditional mooncakes (before and after baking) Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up soon (this year, it’s September 19th) and it seriously felt maybe a week or two ago I made these traditional Chinese pastries – the traditional mooncakes (廣式月餅) and the snowskin mooncakes. I’ve been making these ever since for my family and a few close friends and they always wanted a few of these pastries once they start seeing it at the Chinese grocery stores and bakeries. Taiwanese flaky mooncakes This year, I did not make any snowskin mooncakes and made traditional mooncakes (what you see at the beginning of..

Rich Chocolate Cake with Salted Bourbon Cajeta & Hazelnut Brittle

This weekend was my brother’s birthday and housewarming party as he just bought a condo within New York City. To celebrate these two fortuitous occasions, I had to bake a cake that’s decadent and delicious. Knowing my brother, he likes complex flavors, dark chocolate and nuts. So, I don’t see an issue baking and serving this gorgeous rich chocolate cake with salted bourbon cajeta and hazelnut brittle. It is an over-the-top chocolate cake but the best thing is, it’s not sweet because the moist cake itself is deep, dark and rich chocolate flavors from the unsweetened cocoa powder and my..

Pluot Pistachio Streusel Cake (Recipe)

Summer is the best season to bake any desserts with fruit. This past weekend, while shopping for groceries my local market had a huge abundance of red-brown pluots (a hybrid of a plum and an apricot) on sale that’s a shade overripe, so it’s on the softer side – and I bought several pounds of them. What fantastic about these pluots is it does taste so sweet and juicy that it drips down my wrists as I bite into them. Rather than taking the easy route and just eat them quickly within a day or two, I thought of baking..

Homemade Zongzhi (肉粽)

Homemade Zongzi (肉粽) A few weeks ago, I made zongzi (肉粽) for Dragon Boat Festival. This festival is a Chinese holiday that traditionally, we eat this delicious, hearty sticky rice dumpling.

Soup Dumplings, aka Xiao Long Bao (小笼包) – The Recipe

Soup dumpling or xiao long bao (小笼包) before cooking and my spread If you notice around the big wide Web and read a couple of food blogs, you might come across the obsessive chatter of soup dumplings or xiao long bao (小笼包), especially if you live in New York City. These baos – or literally translated – buns, originated from Shanghai, China. The Taiwanese popularized these soup dumplings, namely with Din Tai Fung (who actually does make one of the best as well). Since I know how to make dumplings or jiaozi (饺子/餃子), I was thinking making soup dumplings should..

Kumquat Cardamom Cakes

Recently, I was fortunate to receive a shipment of Kerrygold butter to work with. Kerry Gold butter is a premium butter brand that uses milk from Ireland’s grass-fed cows that are free of artificial growth hormones. Kerrygold supports and utilizes cream from Ireland’s small dairy farmer co-ops and co-op creameries. Since winter is citrus season and I’m obsessing over kumquats. I ate these small, entirely edible oval orbs over the years growing up, especially when it’s Chinese New Year yet I never baked with them until now. It’s a very unique flavor as it’s initially sweet and develops into a..

New Year’s Day 2013 Dinner

Homemade savory goose liver pastries (鵝肝酥); Hard Cider to drink; Snow peas with prawns Happy 2013! As 2012 flew by, it’s been a good year for me. Celebrating at home, my family and I cooked a Chinese-style feast. We started with savory goose liver pastries (鵝肝酥) baked from scratch. The filling is a mixture of Schiltz Foods’ fatty goose liver, Pat LaFrieda ground beef (from their hamburger blend), onions and a touch of oyster sauce that worked wonderfully with the lard based flaky crust. We paired the meal with Bellwether‘s Black Magic Hard Cider, a delicious semi-sweet hard cider blended..

Coconut Oil Mixed Berry Pound Cake

During the month or so before Thanksgiving rolled by I thought of experimenting with healthier fat alternatives than my beloved standby, butter. I remembered hearing about coconut oil being the next best thing that is vegan/vegetarian friendly and most of the time, it tends to be organic. Lo and behold, I’ve discovered Kelapo coconut oil. It’s arguably one of the best extra virgin coconut oil I’ve used by far. When I melt the hardened coconut oil (it tends to be when cold or at room temperature), the sweet, nutty scent of coconut perfumed my kitchen and its flavor is still..

Triple Chocolate Cranberry Muffins and Tate’s Bake Shop Cookie & Bar Tower Giveaway

Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: Baking for Friends For the past month, I had received a preview copy of Tate’s Bake Shop Cookbook: Baking for Friends by Kathleen King, from Ms. King’s team. (If you can recall, I visited this charming bakery that has many delicious baked goods in Southampton, Long Island last year). The book has many wonderful color photographs that would make me want to break out my mixer and start baking. The recipes are in the Hamptons style of not being too fussy, yet the details of each recipe makes it unique from slight twists on a chocolate..