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Holiday Gift Guide (2017)

This year flew warp speed for me that it’s hard to come to terms with reality that it’s almost the end of the year! It’s the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season so here’s some of my picks for the holiday gift guide: If you really want to impress your giftee with one of the ultimate and most luxurious food items in the world—fresh truffles from Gourmet Attitude. When the delivery person walks up to your door with the package of these tubers, you can smell the intense, earthy aroma (prices start at $50 per ounce and up). Shave..

Summer Dinner at Home

The spread A recent dinner at home a few weeks ago was an ode to summer. Basking bright, warm summer sunset on my balcony with friends and family. Fancy pants topped chicken sausages We had large steamed then grilled lobsters, a huge, juicy bone-in prime-rib (I’ll give you that recipe at the end of the post), and fancy pants topped fresh chicken sausages. Why chicken sausages you ask? Well, it’s arguably the most neutral flavored meat sausage that can go with almost anything. The most trickiest to work with is the foie gras, truffle aioli toppings since I have to..