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Thanksgiving Pie from Pie Face

I recently stopped by Pie Face for a brief pre-dinner snack of their Thanksgiving “stack” ($7.90; seen on my tweet). An individual-sized turkey & stuffing pie, topped with mashed sweet potatoes and jellied cranberry sauce. For someone who doesn’t really mash all of these items in a relative bite on my Thanksgiving plate, it actually works and I liked it. I also picked up a Family-sized coconut custard pie ($24.95; they do have apple, sweet potato and pecan pies available as well). A sturdy-crusted pie that has a dense, rich coconut custard topped with sweetened toasted coconut flakes. For those..

Australian-Style Pies at Pie Face

Exterior and Interior of Pie Face; Savory and Sweet Pies I’m a big fan of pies. I don’t care if it’s sweet or savory. I’ll eat them all. This lead me to the Australian-based bakery Pie Face in Midtown West, about a block from the Sullivan Theater. Inside this corner bakery, you’ll be seeing a lot of adorable smiley faces (or cute semi-frowns), as it’s the company’s way of deciphering the seven different flavors of pies. The flavors are globally influenced but some are familiar. There were sandwiches, wraps, and soups but I was there mostly for the pies.

The Martha Stewart Show and the “Pies & Tarts” Book

Last Thursday I attended with my mom to The Martha Stewart Show‘s taping of her upcoming episode about the release of her new book Martha Stewart’s Pies & Tarts. Both the book and this episode will be released/aired on Tuesday, March 22nd. How the studio looks like As a long-time fan of Martha Stewart (started way back almost a decade and a half ago, when I was a kid and her shows used to be syndicated on CBS), this taping would be like watching your favorite [insert person's name and occupation] doing their work in front of you. She influenced..