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Dinner at Ken and Cook – A Good Neighborhood Restaurant

A few nights ago, I had a solid dinner at Ken and Cook. Co-owner and chef Richard Diamonte was at the kitchen that humid evening. Exterior (at night), looking out on Kenmare from the bar, and part of the interior, the bar Ken and Cook’s ambiance is what I would call an American brassiere type of restaurant. Pressed tin walls, white painted brick walls, touches of brass, and leather banquette booths on one side of the restaurant. The bar is found toward the back of the restaurant. Familiar and not too trendy. This also reflects on the menu. The menu..

Tasting Dinner at Public

Interior & Tasting Menu Last Thursday, I had the honor of having Executive Chef Brad Farmerie to cook for me and my friend at Public. It was an honor especially the fact that he took his time from his busy schedule, as he had a newborn daughter a few weeks ago. (Congratulations again, Brad!) Meeting him prior to dinner service, he was very gracious and asked if there were preferences for us to try on their current menu but we let Chef Farmerie take the wheel. (Just to note, the tasting menu seen above was sent to me the day..

Jo's Restaurant (Closed)

This will be my last post until I come back from my vacation to Paris in early June, as I’m leaving New York City on Monday. Over the extent of that time, please look at my Flickr just to see touristy photos as well as food porn. Jo’s exterior and window My family and I wanted to celebrate my brother’s graduation from graduate school (he earned a MBA in Accounting and now a newly minted, qualified CPA, as he told me this morning) and ended up going to Jo’s in Nolita. We desired to have a casual dinner amongst us..

Brunch at Public

Taken place on January 3, 2010. Outside at Public Standing outside the breezy, insanely cold Sunday morning, I was invited by Hagan to join him on his ambitious food project called 93 Plates. Partially, I was regretting saying “yes” to drag my butt out of my warm bed but I refuse to be a flake, suck it up like any other New Yorker (or tourist) who’s walking outside, and travel out to Nolita. Since I arrived a bit early, I defrosted myself and soak in the interior of the restaurant. Open layout, loft-like, with an Industrial look. It looks Euro-cool..

A Morning Rush to Work

I know I haven’t written in ages, but it’s just the fact that I haven’t really found anything tasty around the Upper East Side that is new to me. Sure, there’s Alice’s Tea Cup and a few Le Pain Quotidiens around my area but seriously, why should I write repeats of myself? Yeah, I do admit I went overboard with Bouchon Bakery for a while, back in the days that I was at college in the Upper West Side, but now I learned my lesson from sounding so redundant (and obsessive). Anyways, last Thursday I managed to get my butt..

Surviving the Major Chunk of Midterms: Bouchon, Grandaisy, Prem-On Thai

For the past week, I had three midterms and a ten-page paper due, all crammed within four days. I was suffering with stress that I want to scream in vexation due to my aching head. Isn’t college life just awesome? At least I survived the roughest week and there’s a little sprinkling of tests for the next two weeks, which the last one would be two days before my birthday. At least my professors spared me of pain and torture on that day. Thankfully. On Monday, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast at home, so I head over..