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Elation at Momofuku Ko

Edit (4/15/08): As per this commentor‘s request, I took down the photo of looking down the bar, if you noticed any changes from the first time you’ve seen prior to this edit. You will be able to see on my Flickr photostream but not on my blog, per se. But at least you still got the food porn! KO! As you remember me posting my urgent, desperate need last week about my reservations to Momofuku Ko, I have indeed found people. YAY! It’s not a failed mission…not like many things in my life. Anyways, I met up with Andrea, her..

An Interruption from Your Normal Programming…I NEED PEOPLE!

UPDATE (3/13/08, 7:35 PM): Alrighty…I got enough responses (e-mail, especially) about the reservation that I even have a backups for the diners I’ll meet. Anyways, thank you everyone for taking your time to read and e-mail or comment my post. I really appreciate the feedback. UPDATE (3/14/08, 3:43 PM): Okee, I already have 2 spots taken…a few hours ago. BUT, there’s a possibility that I do have one more seat open since my usual fooding friend is actually having doubts on the awesomeness of Momofuku Ko’s meal due to its price tag. So…ONE MORE TO GO! Hi readers! I have..