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Woolwich Dairy’s Amazing Goat’s Milk Cheeses

Goat’s milk cheeses! I love a good goat’s milk cheese. I adore it’s floral, slightly goaty sweeter flavor compared to cow’s milk cheeses. I managed to receive a shipment of goat’s milk cheeses from Woolwich Dairy up in Ontario, Canada, containing seven of their goat’s milk cheeses. Their Chevrai or chevrè (the ones I had were the original, honey vanilla, roasted garlic, and fine herbs) were like eating goat cheese clouds but smearable. They’re great simply alone with some toasted baguette or the amazing chicken with herbed goat cheese recipe that Ina Garten made (recipe found here) on her show...

Simply Divine Brownies

A dozen brownies in two boxes My chocoholic sweet tooth made me crave brownies and I’m too lazy to whip up a batch of this simple, dark, and not too sweet fudgy goodness at home I looked over to Simply Divine Brownies. As their name states it’s pretty self explanatory. Yes it sounds quite cliché but once you get to eat their brownies you would understand. (more…)

Blissful Brownies

Blissful Brownies: Outside and inside the box Going along with my chocolate obsession due to Valentine’s Day (they should consider naming this holiday as Chocolate Day, instead…), I was craving for a good, fudgy brownie and discovered Blissful Brownies from Hood River, Oregon. They use the best, all natural ingredients with no added preservatives. And they are made hand made in small batches so there’s a lot of love and care into each batch they ship out. (more…)