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Adda (NYC)

I have to admit, Adda is probably one of the best Indian meals I have had in a long time. Though most of the fare served is traditional but it’s actually cooked perfectly (almost all). Robust spices that awaken the senses and some were spicy that one should expect and probably seek a glass of gently sweet mango lassi to soothe the palate. Adda is tucked in between a small row of small shops on Thompson Avenue, not far to the street leading you to the Ed Koch Bridge and it’s across the street from LaGuardia Community College. When we..

Dinner at Alobar

Alobar is a unique American restaurant that has the warm, wooden, masculine, rustic look that feels welcoming and the kind of place you want to hang out over drinks at the bar (in nice evenings like when I visited, the entire front wall of the restaurant opens to the street) or have dinner at the dining area. Chef Greg Profeta is running a pretty tight ship with his crew to cook very delicious food that even has a dish inspired by a Queens neighborhood, Flushing. We started with drinks Nice Pear ($13) made of a sweet and fruity cocktail made..

Solid Dinner at Crescent Grill (Long Island City, NY)

Exterior of Crescent Grill; At the bar; Paintings by Elinore Schnurr for LIC Arts Open at Crescent Grill This past week was the start of Long Island City (LIC) Arts Open. One of the venues that was exhibiting solo art exhibitions was interestingly, at Crescent Grill. Crescent Grill is a new restaurant that also have an art gallery at the front half of the restaurant called Dougherty Gallery that it mixes and supports the local artists, like Elinore Schnurr seen above, and have very good food if you want to settle in for a meal. Crescent Grill stands out for..

Le Fooding at MoMA PS 1 (2010): Experiences

Some of my work on France-Amérique & their official website As some of you might know through my Flickr photostream or my Twitter, I was hired by Le Fooding to be their official photographer. (The tearsheet above links to French article in France-Amérique with a few of my photos and their official website.) Le Fooding’s Program, the setting during the day, people on line I was astounded and awfully flattered by the fact they wanted to hire me and this experience was overall, fun and the most unique of the food events I’ve been to. Yes, I’ve been their first..

French Invasion at P.S. 1 Contemporary Arts Center in L.I.C. – The good and the bad

Originally taken place on September 26, 2009. Inside Le Fooding About a month or so prior to the Le Fooding event at P.S. 1, almost every major website (like NY Times’ Dining Journal and Serious Eats) wrote about them, pretty much bringing a lot of hype, arguably speaking, to this particular weekend. I was psyched to get some tickets for two main reasons: it was inexpensive ($30 for general admission) and you get to taste some food that’s not from the NYC area. Things is, when we (as in Helen, Seungmi, Michael and I) got there in person with our..