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Christmas Dinner 2013

Christmas dinner this year with my family, we chose to make it Japanese inspired. If you think about it, a bit leaner since I’ve went to Boston the past weekend and I’m still on digestion mode and almost all the food I ate was on the rich and hearty side. Since I’ve still had the awesome Cadillac around, I’ve made a quick drive over to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ to shop for sashimi grade fish for decent prices and…ate more things at their huge section of casual Japanese food to eat in (as seen on my Instagram like the matcha..

Chef Hiroyuki Sakai at Benihana’s Private Event

Benihana: Exterior, one of its large dining rooms, Portrait of its founder Rocky Aoki, Large fortune cat, The Rocky Room Last week I was invited to Benihana‘s private lunch to celebrate their relaunch of their newly renovated space and their 48 years in the restaurant business. I took my mother along since she heard that Chef Hiroyuki Sakai was going to be there, as she was a die-hard Sakai fan when Iron Chef Japan used to air. Benihana used to be just the now second floor of the restaurant but they expanded it to a large lounge and sushi bar..

Dinner at Arami, Chicago

Arami’s windows and at the bar During my vacation/stay in Chicago, Arami was one of my dinner stops here. After some research, this was considered one of the good Japanese spots to have sushi. As a sushi fanatic, I’m excited to eat here and booked a reservation. What surprised me was that even though the restaurant is located almost in the middle of nowhere (I’m used to the packed areas of Manhattan), the sole signage was within the restaurant’s glass windows, indicating its name and address and yet when I entered the dining room, it was pretty busy for 6..

Ramen at Misoya (Before I Head Out to Chicago)

A few days ago, I had a very filling lunch at Misoya Ramen with a friend. I’ve read around Chowhound that this ramen newcomer might be comparable to my favorite ramen restaurant Ippudo. Since I love to eat a soul warming bowl of ramen during the chilly Monday we had here, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea before I head out to my vacation to Chicago. This small, narrow restaurant was already packed with diners slurping their fairly large bowls of ramen. This sparked hopes that it’s actually pretty darn good. Interior wise, it’s pretty simple and almost austere..

Best Meals and Moments in 2011

2011 have been a whirlwind for me (in a good way). A few trips outside of New York City. Many food events that I never imagine I could ever eat my way through. The many people I’ve met through the year – familiar faces, new acquaintances and partnerships. I am very close to finishing graduate school. I am thankful for the many people who supported me this year – family, friends, and many others – personally and professionally. Here are my best meals and moments in 2011. It’s in no particular order, just meals that I thought were astonishingly delicious..

Hario Glass – Coffee Made Many Ways But Still Get a Great Cup

Probably you might have known over the years, that I love coffee, up to the point that I am a coffee geek. I love and appreciate my cup of coffee. I even admit I’m one of those crazy people who is willing to do more than insert a coffee pod and press a button at 7 AM before I get ready to head out for work. Without that cup of complex flavored, caffeinated deliciousness, I would be in a petulant mood and bite a few heads off during work – and obviously, that is not a good thing. Hario coffee..

Aburiya Raku – I Would Love to Eat Here Frequently…

Aburiya Raku, or simply known as Raku, found in the heart of Las Vegas’ Chinatown, is a Japanese pub that generally specializes on the robata, grilled meats and vegetables, but it’s so much more than that (I’ll explain later). While doing research for my trip about three weeks prior to my flight to Vegas, I’ve asked my Twitter followers about to eat there and searching through food forums, many have praised and mentioned Raku as one of the few places I must eat. After reading that unanimous “vote”, I picked up my phone and made reservations. From where I stayed..

Tea at Cha’an

[Continuing on from the evening portion with Patrick. If you haven't read the first part, please do so (click here). I know I'm doing this at a painfully slow pace but uh, stuff is happening in life that's slowing me down from updating. Sorry.] If any of you ever meet Patrick in person, he tells you two things. No. Make it three: (1) he’s vegetarian but loooves cheese, (2) he needs to eat a lot (like a minimum of 4,000 calories) before he withers away (lucky him), and (3) he loves tea. I covered fact number one at Hearth, fact..

Matsugen – Restaurant Week but done a la carte

I made plans with Giulia several weeks ago to have lunch during Restaurant Week. I’m itching to try out new restaurants rather than my safe and dependable restaurants during this time of the year (e.g. Gramercy Tavern and Eleven Madison Park), so I proposed Matsugen. I heard generally good to very good reviews around the web so I thought this place wouldn’t let me down. Matsugen’s Exterior and Interior