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Black Périgord truffle tasting dinner at Ai Fiori

Ai Fiori, my Périgord truffles from Gourmet Attitude on Ai Fiori’s beautiful bowl, and Mare e Monte If you recall my post on Gourmet Attitude’s Périgord truffles, I proposed that I would take these heavenly scented black fungus to a restaurant to cook something creative with them for my mother’s birthday. Eventually, Ai Fiori was willing to accept my proposition. Even though this is my first time eating at Ai Fiori, I entrusted the kitchen with these expensive beauties and know they’ll let my family, especially my mother, have a good time here. (It also helps a bit that they’ve..

Gourmet Attitude’s Heavenly Truffles

Truffle products with Rémy Martin Louis XIII (top photo), Whole black truffles (in a large jade artifact) with Rémy Martin Louis XIII (bottom left), and Truffle shavings (right) Gourmet Attitude, an import/distributing company specializing on importing fresh truffles (as in the fungus, not the rolled chocolate confections dusted in cocoa powder), opened its doors in 2003 under the ownership of Céline Labaune. Over the years Ms. Labaune imports the finest fresh truffles from small producers in Europe. She distributes to the finest establishments throughout the country including French Laundry, Per Se, Daniel, Alinea, Masa, and so forth. They also have..