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A Brief Trip Down to Atlantic City – Showboat and Harrah’s

Atlantic City, NJ I had the opportunity to have a brief weekend trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey the past Friday. Then it was the classically hot and humid day when I left New York City and eventually it rained during toward evening unlike that gorgeous blue skies you see on this photo above on Saturday. I was invited to meet celebrity chefs Aarón Sanchez for dinner and Chris Nirschel for his cooking class later in the evening at Harrah’s. Inside the Foundation Room in the Showboat and snacks and drinks When I arrived to Atlantic City, I met up..

New Year’s Day 2012 Brunch

New Year dumplings topped with Beluga Kaluga caviar & Homemade turnip cake “lo bak gao” Happy New Year! Admittedly two days late from posting but better than never. I celebrated the new year with family and as usual, cooking and baking up a storm. The traditional Chinese dishes my family always had, ever since I was a wee child, were homemade dumplings and turnip cake (lo bak gao; 蘿蔔糕). Though dumplings are traditional in concept, I changed the recipe making it a bit more upscale by adding Caviar Star‘s Beluga Kaluga caviar and shape it to a coin purse and..

I’m Back! Also A Recap of Two Weeks Ago (Part 1)

Yay! I’m done with the LSATs…just oh, a little under 7 hours ago (approximately 2:30 PM, NY time it was over). I have to say, whoever took that test has my sympathies since that was the worst testing experience I ever had in my life. Seven hours stuck in the same building (the Metropolitan Pavillion in Chelsea for me); the same stark white, frigid (temperature-wise) room with over 100 people taking a freakin’ test for the aspiration of becoming a lawyer. Jesus, I hope I did well before I’ll have to shoot myself (mentally), pay another $123, and do it..

Ok, I Lied…(Review of Kampuchea Noodle Bar)

As the title says, I can’t stop writing and taking photos! Oh why? Why have I succumb to the addiction of BLOGGING? This is bad even though I should stick my nose to my books…and I think I’m getting sick since I got this weird itchy feeling on the back of my throat (uh oh). I just hope I don’t get sick since LSATs are in less than one week! Ok, enough of my dramatic, rambling antics and I’ll just talk about Kampuchea since their food is so very good and I’m skipping everything else I’ve posted pics of on..