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Summer RW '08 – Eleven Madison Park – A Huge Improvement

When I ate lunch during Restaurant Week last year at Eleven Madison Park, I was underwhelmed. But this year, it’s a significant improvement for the food. Pretty… As Giulia and I got seated in, I can’t help but be in a moment of awe how everything seems elegant and refined – the high ceilings, large windows, and the tall floral centerpieces. (more…)

A Bittersweet Ending to Restaurant Week: Eleven Madison Park

Lunch at Eleven Madison Park was my last and final restaurant for Restaurant Week on Monday. (For those of you who are still curious when is it over, it’s officially this Friday, July 27, 2007; while some restaurants are extending ’til Labor Day.) EMP’s interior once you enter… I had high hopes for EMP, since I had a really great experience last time when I tried Chef Humm’s Gourmand Menu that courted me to be one of the many fans of this place (if you do a search at Chowhound, you know what I mean or read Frank Bruni of..