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Tea at Cha'an

[Translate] [Continuing on from the evening portion with Patrick. If you haven’t read the first part, please do so (click here). I know I’m doing this at a painfully slow pace but uh, stuff is happening in life that’s slowing me down from updating. Sorry.] If any of you ever meet Patrick in person, he tells you two things. No. Make it three: (1) he’s vegetarian but loooves cheese, (2) he needs to eat a lot (like a minimum of 4,000 calories) before he withers away (lucky him), and (3) he loves tea. I covered fact number one at Hearth,..

A Great Dinner at Hearth

[Translate] This dinner dates back on January 16, 2009. Yes, it’s a bit dated but it’s still valid when you look at their current menu. About a month or so, in December, Patrick (if you look back at the Alta post, that’s when I knew him) and I chatted online like we usually do on a workday. The surprising thing he told me was he’s coming to visit New York City for the weekend. I was happy since I haven’t seen him for nearly a year or so and he wanted to eat dinner. Somewhere. I scratched my head a..

Another Lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar & Bakery

[Translate] Apologies for not posting the past few weeks. I’m getting lazy with the posting and with the holidays coming, I’ve been busy buying and wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards. Damn the post office line being ridiculously long… I went to Momofuku Ssäm Bar (yes, again) a few weeks ago with Giulia. Why did I go there again? Well, for two reasons: One, I kept mentioning about their luscious, fatty pork buns on a lot of different food conversations that it piqued her interest. And two, I never took her there. So, it’s about time to take her there..

Impromptu Dinner at Momofuku Ssäm Bar

[Translate] Two weeks ago, Helen and I attended an event at Bryant Park where we sampled Canadian ice wine and two different hors d’ouevrs. Obviously, this didn’t make us full and the food was disappointing enough that we left under an hour and went to the East Village. Since it was a chilly evening and us being Asian, we craved a bowl of hot soup and noodles, which Helen said, “I want to go to Ippudo.” By the time we got there around 8:15, it’s already packed – people were waiting by the door and the crowded bar area. I..

Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery

[Translate] [I’m holding back on writing about Kuma Inn after this post…] The past Saturday, November 15th, I met up with Helen and Dannie to try out as many things as our stomach can handle at Momofuku Milk Bar & Bakery after reading Ed’s preview and seeing a few friends’ photos (they went in early for the Friends & Family preview), I’m salivating at the thought of eating there. So, I proposed to meet up at 11 AM for the sake of avoiding the crowds. Menu Despite the fact that it was rainy and early (in terms of the sleepyheads..

My birthday celebration: Part 1 – Cakes, Drinks and Fried Hot Dogs

[Translate] The past Friday afternoon my boss sort of surprised me for my birthday. What happened was my boss inquired me the past week when’s my birthday since I’ve sent out a mass e-mail to share out my week-early birthday cake to my co-workers (see photo here). She managed to remember my birthday (despite of her busy schedule) and asked one of my other co-workers, Deniz to pick up my birthday cakes. I remember seeing her rushing into my boss’s office that morning lugging in two large shopping bags, making me wonder if we’re having a party? But I thought,..

Momofuku Ssäm Bar for lunch

[Translate] Mini burger, CHOMPED A few weekends ago, I’ve went to brunch with Robyn, Kåre, Alex, and K at Dumont Burger (that’s their burger on the photo above) a few weekends ago (click here for my photo set) I’m not writing about them since it’s covered by Robyn. (To keep it short and sweet about the burger, the beef patty is tasty but the ciabatta bun ain’t working for me.) During brunch, Robyn and K has spoken about the awesomeness of Momofuku Ssäm Bar‘s prix fixe lunch. Thinking about it, it’s been about a year since I’ve eaten there and..

An Early Birthday Dessert and Dinner: Dessert Club Chikalicious and Minca (Part 1)

[Translate] [Note: I’m splitting one night of fooding into two parts. You’ll find out where it is on the next post or if you’ve already checked out my Flickr photostream a while ago, you know it regardless.] Last Monday I’ve planned to celebrate Helen’s birthday early. It’s warm enough and hell, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone besides my co-workers and family. I don’t have issues with either parties but it’s nice to see friends whom you love, no? Also the fact that I’ve planned to have brunch with Robyn the weekend of Helen’s actual birthday, so I’d..

Another Porchetta Review (and a dessert suggestion)

[Translate] Interior of Porchetta…sort of Probably you’ve read enough food blog posts about Porchetta that your sick about reading it. Well, I’m one of those pesky bloggers who would jump ship to try something relatively new. I’m not saying I’m trying everything new for the sake of being “hip” but more of the idea of loving to get my hands on an awesome sandwich. What made me travel all the way down to East Village from the Upper East Side was for the love of pooorrk. Don’t you know I love pork fat (or any animal fat)? (more…)