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Another Porchetta Review (and a dessert suggestion)

Interior of Porchetta…sort of Probably you’ve read enough food blog posts about Porchetta that your sick about reading it. Well, I’m one of those pesky bloggers who would jump ship to try something relatively new. I’m not saying I’m trying everything new for the sake of being “hip” but more of the idea of loving to get my hands on an awesome sandwich. What made me travel all the way down to East Village from the Upper East Side was for the love of pooorrk. Don’t you know I love pork fat (or any animal fat)?

PDT Bar and Wildwood Barbecue

PDT A few weeks ago, Helen and I went to PDT for a cocktail or two right after we’re done with work. Normally, I would stay away from alcoholic drinks but I made an exception since I did like their drinks a lot nearly a year ago when I went to their Friends and Family night. Anyway, Helen was psyched to actually try it since I’ve been talking about this haute cocktail bar for months and she told me to take her there, so we finally did.

Lunch at Ippudo & Pinisi

I’m slowly getting back into the groove of writing my belated posts to you since I’m currently “researching” my article. In other words, eating stuff, taking photos, etc. So, here’s food outing that occurred two weeks ago. Helen and I were chatting online during the morning at work, scheming what we want to eat for lunch. A while back I mentioned about a ramen place that opened in the East Village and I wanted to check it out. Since Helen loves noodles, she jumped at the chance and agreed to eat with me at Ippudo! Ippudo!

Elation at Momofuku Ko

Edit (4/15/08): As per this commentor‘s request, I took down the photo of looking down the bar, if you noticed any changes from the first time you’ve seen prior to this edit. You will be able to see on my Flickr photostream but not on my blog, per se. But at least you still got the food porn! KO! As you remember me posting my urgent, desperate need last week about my reservations to Momofuku Ko, I have indeed found people. YAY! It’s not a failed mission…not like many things in my life. Anyways, I met up with Andrea, her..

A Pit Stop for Breakfast – The Mercury Dime

[I know I'm supposed to write about a dinner that took place about two...almost three weeks ago but I don't feel motivated to write such a lengthy post about it yet. So, bear with me as I have a short post for you about my stop at the newly minted, The Mercury Dime.] Exterior I believe good coffee is the reason why I get my butt up early from bed and go to the city for work. For the past week or two, I heard of The Mercury Dime is opening and stopping in the nabe to check it out…

Cup o’ Mud, a Bowl of Ramen, and Dacquoise

As most of you who are familiar with my blog, I tend to eat…well. Ok, more than well I eat freakin’ extravagant. Like any normal human being, I need a break from all this luxurious, fatty foods and need some simple yet tasty grub that isn’t from my kitchen (just because I feel lazy from cooking my own food). Since I made an old promise to one of my friends, Julie that we would drink Mud’s coffee (nearly a year ago) and I have time during the morning before an afternoon concert, we set the date and meet up late..

Fooding with Friends on My Last Day of Classes! (Taïm and Graffiti)

Last Saturday was officially my last day of school. No more classes. No more quizzes, papers, and tests! Good riddance…at least for now. I’m giving myself a break from school for a year. Get a real job (but still go out eating, of course) and then go through the madness of applications of either law school or grad school. To kind of celebrate this event, I asked several friends to have lunch with me at Taïm. Seungmi was in the city before the supposed time where all of us should meet, I hanged out with her, browsing through a few..