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Jane’s Sweet Buns in East Village – Robust, Liquor-Infused Pastries

Bakery front, Neon sign, and Interior A little more than a week ago, Jane’s Sweet Buns opened its doors to the public, baking cocktail inspired pastries and cakes and serving it to the public. Cienfuegos mixologist, Jane Danger is the red-headed temptress behind these goods and yes, she can bake very well. (I’ll get into detail a little later.) Born and raised in the Midwest and learned how to bake by Martha Stewart, she hit her stride over the years baking cakes for friends and recently, adding liquor to make more interesting to adults.

NYC Food Film Festival: Brad Farmerie’s Southeast Street Food Asian Market

I’m putting my Parisian vacation experience on pause for now, to bring us back to NYC in a more current time setting. Scenes from different rooms On Thursday, June 24th, I attended the 4th Annual NYC Food Film Festival: Brad Farmerie’s Southeast Street Food Asian Market at the Astor Center. It’s an food event featuring dishes based on the evening’s theme from NYC-based Asian restaurants Double Crown, Betel, and Kampuchea, Public and an unknown Brooklyn restaurant, Mrs. Kim’s. Signature dishes for this particular evening were: Public’s Pig’s Blood Popsicle, Double Crown’s Tendon Meatballs and Dessert Burrito, Mrs. Kim’s Squid Chip..

Luke’s Lobster

Taken place on January 3, 2010. Continuing on the Sunday food fest with Hagan (started with brunch at Public), I joined him later on the afternoon at Luke’s Lobster. If you have read Hagan’s introduction about this stop earlier, I have indeed told him that I’m probably the last NYC-based food blogger who’s eaten their lobster roll. I know, I hang my head in shame. I had my reluctance since the Interwebs were inundated with hype that are either true or false. For example, Porchetta had glowing reviews from many different bloggers and a few respected food journalists when it..

Desserts at Spot

After lamenting from the losses of Pastry Chef Pichet Ong’s P*Ong and Batch that was located in West Village, I have never felt happier when I read that he’s opening again in the East Village, named Spot. Menu I have been to both P*Ong (review here but I’m warning you the photos aren’t that great back then) and Batch (went there twice – here’s the photos I went a few weeks before it closed) and it is a hybrid of the former two places. The minimalist interior and plated desserts reminds me of P*Ong while the baked goods and the..

Glorious Pizza Lunch at Motorino, East Village

Taken place on October 5, 2009. Exterior & Interior Back when Motorino (the East Village location) started to serve lunch, I asked Giulia if we can meet up and try the pizza that everyone was talking about. I missed out on the opening week when dinner was served. But then again, I’d rather stick with the serene atmosphere that isn’t crushed by a ton of people who eat there after work and give the pizzeria some time to work out their kinks – service or the expensive brick oven that’s left behind from the former Una Pizza Napoletana. Mixed salad..

Cook.Eat.Drink.Live Food Festival – Tickets, Discount and Info

For the die hard foodies who reside in the NYC area, Cook.Eat.Drink.Live Food Festival returns for its third year. It’s an interactive holiday themed event that showcases new food products, celebrity chefs, wineries, cocktails, cookbook authors, mixologists, and popular restaurants (list of them here). In addition to the tastings (see the list), guests can do some early holiday shopping with several purveyors and wineries and will have the opportunity to purchase gift certificates to some of New York City’s most popular restaurants. The dates for this event is from Friday, November 6th to Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at Chelsea’s The..

Ice Cream Outings with Gordon: Stogo & Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Waayy back on August 26th (yeah, I know I’m absurdly behind), I met up with Gordon, for a potential outing to eat one of Big Gay Ice Cream Truck‘s creations. Problem for that particular date, if you follow BGICT’s Twitter, he didn’t make it to Union Square within my lunch hour because of mechanical issues with his truck. A bit disappointed, I resorted to think of somewhere else to have ice cream that none of us (as in me, Gordon, and my friend Giulia) had and it’s close to Union Square, I thought of Stogo. Frankly, I’m not a fan..

Epic Eating – Momofuku Milk Bar, Everyman Espresso, Bouchon Bakery, and Gus & Gabriel

Originally taken place on July 3, 2009. The first part is from Ssam Bar’s prix fixe lunch (it started with the beef tendon dish). I didn’t have the intention of stuffing my face with a ton of Momofuku food that day… Burnt honey + mustard croissant?! But Seungmi was hungry and wanted something to eat. I was presuming Helen was coming downtown from work and Seungmi never went to any of the Momofuku places, I might as well introduce her to the “lighter” fare of

Lunches at Marea & Momofuku Ssäm Bar

I’m putting my HK/China posts on the back burner for now since I’m eating out NYC a bit more since it’s SUMMER here. If you’re anticipating the HK/China posts, just hang on for a bit. Sorry. Back on June 11th, I had lunch at Marea, after reading positive reviews on this place. I like seafood and thankfully, I’m not allergic to them anymore. (I know weird, right?) So, I hauled my butt over and tried their tasting menu, which is four courses but you pick your own from the menu. Dishes from Marea I’m not going into depth since I’m..