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Grana Padano-centric Dinner at Home

Grana Padano shipment and the cheese itself The good people of Grana Padano were kind to send me a huge slab of their namesake cheese and requested me to cook with it about a week ago. Thinking initially, “Crap, that’s a lot of cheese.” As they’ve sent me about a pound and a half’s worth of this lovely, semi-fat, hard cheese that’s not super salty like Parmigiano-Reggiano, I thought of ways that aren’t too far-fetched to use this for an entire dinner. (more…)

Dinners at Home

Dinners at home with my family almost always turns out to be a feast or buffet. If anyone’s coming over, you’re sure to be leaving with a very full stomach. Ever since the recent trickling of companies started to send me some of their products to eat or drink with for the past few months and my garden’s growing quite a bit of cucumbers, I thought I might as well utilize them for my dinners (and of course, my parents chipped in the help, both cooking and eating). Big ol’ cuke Large, fat cucumbers that are larger than my hand’s..