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Homemade Egg Tarts (Dan Tats; 蛋撻) and Mid-Autumn Festival

Tray full of homemade egg tarts (assortment of flavors) with oolong tea Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! (中秋節快樂!) to those who celebrate this holiday. As everyone knows you’re supposed to have a piece of the traditional pastry, the mooncake (like the snowskin version I made two weeks ago or the baked version last year). While there are traditions for each ethnicity and even within different cities within China, this fall harvest holiday is like any other Chinese holiday that I know of – there’s bound to be a feast. My family is planning to make roast pork belly (sieu yuk; 烧肉) like..

Baking Egg Custard Tarts (aka Dan Tats)

Last week or so while my family was still in this weird, almost obsessed period of making almost all Chinese sweets and baked goods from scratch, I went along with it and baked dan tats (蛋撻) or egg custard tarts. You may call me crazy but my argument is, there’s nothing like a fresh baked fill in the blank and if I know how to make it, why the hell should I buy it? Unless of course, I’m desperate to eat whatever I’m aping for. I know things like the egg custard tarts and Chinese-style baked pork buns would make..