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Lunch at Blackbird, Chicago

Blackbird (exterior), At the dining room, Floral centerpiece at the hostess stand When I was planning for my trip to Chicago, I had was under the presumption that this city’s fine dining lunch is like New York – you have a lot of restaurants who would serve prix fixe menus. Except when I did my research, there’s barely any at all but the little glimmer of hope was Blackbird, a 1* Michelin restaurant and their Executive Chef Paul Kahan was nominated for the James Beard Award (2011). For that kind of esteem, I booked a reservation. (more…)

Las Vegas & Dinner at Sage at Aria

In case you haven’t seen my incessant tweets ever since the Easter weekend started until Thursday morning or my earlier post that noted my impending vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. When you enter inside Wynn… It’s been nearly a decade when I last went to Vegas. Back then, I was under aged to appreciate or cared about much; Vegas was about half the size and not as glamorous and adult Disney-like. I have stayed at the Wynn as it’s relatively close to the central hub of the Strip (the nickname for the centralized part of Las Vegas Boulevard) and it..

My (Early) Birthday Celebration at Blue Hill at Stone Barns & Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture (Part 1)

Please note, this is only the farm portion of Blue Hill. The dinner portion of this trip to Westchester is coming up. Originally taken place on Friday, November 5th, 2010. I’ve been thinking for the past two weeks prior to my birthday, where the heck do I want to celebrate it? I’ve eaten my fair share of places in New York City for fine dining. I do not want Italian (though I do like that cuisine). I do not want Asian (I had my fair share of Asian food). After much pondering and tweeted out loud about this issue, I..