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Delicious Chocolates at Chocolat Moderne (NYC)

At Chocolat Moderne: Tempered chocolate and lots of chocolate bonbons (seen here: Kumquat and The Devotion collection) About a week ago, I was invited to meet the founder and chocolatier Joan Coukos of Chocolat Moderne. When you arrive to the factory, it’s actually part retail and offices. The main door leads you to the chocolate making area where you will inhale the intoxicating aroma of chocolate. There’s a partitioned area of sorts where you would find a long table filled with mesmerizing gems of exotic, globally inspired chocolate bonbons and their signature coral colored boxes of flavored chocolate bars. Chocolat..

Visiting Neuhaus Chocolate’s Madison Avenue Flagship Boutique

Inside Neuhaus’ Madison Avenue boutique; Chocolate molded teddy bear (part of their antique exhibit wall) Neuhaus is an international luxury chocolate brand that’s established since 1857 by Jean Neuhaus in Brussels, Belgian. This Madison Avenue boutique is the largest of all of their New York City boutiques and is their experience store, displaying their antiques and this international brand’s history. Neuhaus is known for their handmade praline but we have to clarify a little bit about the differences about the language of that bold word. Praline for us Americans would conjure images of confections made from nuts and sugar but..

La Maison du Chocolat’s Duo de Ganache Tasting – This Monday!

Many of you know I’m a big fan of La Maison du Chocolat. If you’re relative newbies (or veteran fans, like me) to this luxurious French chocolate house, this is your chance to try out their limited edition Duo de Ganache which will launch on Monday, April 16, 2012! The complimentary tasting is available at all of their boutiques in the New York City area. Maps of each NYC La Maison du Chocolat boutique: Upper East Side: 1018 Madison Avenue (on E 78th St) Midtown/Rockefeller Center: 30 Rockefeller Plaza (on W 49t St, between 5th & 6th Ave) Wall Street:..

Easter Chocolates, Wines and Spirits

Easter is coming around the corner very soon. For those who do celebrate this religiously and gave up chocolates or alcoholic beverages for Lent, I guess this is your list of things you could try when Easter arrives. For everyone else, this is something to indulge for that holiday weekend. Chocolates La Maison du Chocolat: Small Praline Egg Coffret As a longtime fan of La Maison du Chocolat, you can never go wrong with this luxurious French chocolate house. Their small praline egg coffret ($56) might be steep in terms of pricing but you’re getting superbly made chocolates. Underneath the..

Brunch at Balaboosta & Emmanuel Hamon’s Confections

Brunch menu, Interior of Balaboosta & Coffee About three weeks ago, I met my friends, Emmanuel and Sonia Hamon, at Balaboosta for brunch. This lovely couple was visiting from Breton, France (geographically, it’s close to Brittany) for vacation. The slightly intriguing thing was that this is their first brunch experience since the French generally don’t have this meal or notion of what New Yorkers (or generalize this further, Americans) about this meal called brunch. I heard good things about Balaboosta so I might as well point them to this restaurant and hope they’ll enjoy it. To give you some background,..

Pierre Hermé Pastries – Book Review

Pierre Hermé Pastries Pierre Hermé Pastries by Pierre Hermé, published by Stewart, Tabori and Chang. Is probably the most talked about dessert cookbook of 2012 after reading through a number of tweets from the food community. Inside the book There is substance behind this hype. This 288-page book is one of my favorite dessert cookbooks I’ve gotten my hands on as of recent. Pierre Hermé fanatics (like me) and home bakers who want to get a taste of Hermé’s genius or want to get a vivid reminder of eating his divine pastries from his boutiques in Paris, London or Tokyo,..

Carrément Chocolat Cake

Slice of homemade Carrément Chocolat Cake It shouldn’t be a surprise to most of you that I adore am obsessed with Pierre Hermé’s desserts and pastries. (I actually bought the same cake (different shape and styling) from Paris a few years ago.) I was craving the most indulgent chocolate cake (and I had a few pounds of chocolate in my refrigerator) and thought of baking this cake from his soon-to-be-released book Pastries. It has a very moist, brownie-like cake as the base, topped with chocolate cream (think pudding-like texture), fluffy chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, then topped off with a chocolate sheet…

Gift Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up next Tuesday. In case you haven’t figured out what to get for that special person in your life, here’s a succinct listing of gift ideas that you may give to that certain person in your life (or you may gift yourself since it’s delicious and/or useful) for Valentine’s Day. Chocolate & Baked Goods Vosges Haut Chocolat’s Collezione Italiana Of course, I’m starting with the conventional gift – chocolates. But, this box of chocolates from Vosges Haut Chocolat is Collezione Italiana (shown here 9-piece $37). It veers toward the unusual, savory combinations with chocolate. The collection..

Visiting Vosges Haut Chocolat in Chicago

Exterior, Interiors of Vosges Haut Chocolat in Lincoln Park, Chicago When I visited Chicago, I had to visit Vosges Haut Chocolat mostly because this company is started and based there. I came with a friend to their Lincoln Park, which is considered Vosges’ flagship. It is much larger shop than the one and looks more of a glamorous romantic than the darker, bohemian chic than New York’s SoHo boutique. I find it quite interesting that each store has its own personality rather than having a “cookie cutter” template of how each store should look like.