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A Pit Stop for Breakfast – The Mercury Dime

[I know I’m supposed to write about a dinner that took place about two…almost three weeks ago but I don’t feel motivated to write such a lengthy post about it yet. So, bear with me as I have a short post for you about my stop at the newly minted, The Mercury Dime.] Exterior I believe good coffee is the reason why I get my butt up early from bed and go to the city for work. For the past week or two, I heard of The Mercury Dime is opening and stopping in the nabe to check it out...

A Morning Rush to Work

I know I haven’t written in ages, but it’s just the fact that I haven’t really found anything tasty around the Upper East Side that is new to me. Sure, there’s Alice’s Tea Cup and a few Le Pain Quotidiens around my area but seriously, why should I write repeats of myself? Yeah, I do admit I went overboard with Bouchon Bakery for a while, back in the days that I was at college in the Upper West Side, but now I learned my lesson from sounding so redundant (and obsessive). Anyways, last Thursday I managed to get my butt..

An Upper East Side Brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella and a Cappuccino in Sicaffe

The past Saturday Ariel and I went out to brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella. Why in the world would I go to the Upper East Side for brunch? Well, he’s been bugging me about eating there ever since the Momofuku dinner back several weeks ago. I know if his food lovin’ heart is set on something, I have no choice but to tag along and be his dining companion. But then I found out the day before our brunch, he got a cold. And he still wanted to go there! Now, that’s dedication. Brunch menu cover (more…)