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Bouchon Bistro at Venetian, Las Vegas

Possibly most of you readers are wondering, “Why do [I] want to eat at Bouchon Bistro when you do have two Bouchon Bakeries in New York City?” (The newest location at Rockefeller Center opened on May 10, 2011.) The simple answer is this: The NYC locations do not have a sit-down restaurant version like the one in Vegas, Yountville, CA or Beverly Hills, CA. The cafe portion of Bouchon Bakery in the Upper West Side looks and feels like a cafeteria with fairly high prices (the latter is expected because of Chef Keller’s prestige). I’m certainly not a fan of..

Brunch at Mercadito

As some of you, my readers, I have mixed feelings about brunch. I do love having a relaxed daytime, weekend meal at a restaurant but I dislike the fact of seeing ordinary breakfast food that I can make at home. Thankfully, since I’m in the melting pot of culture and restaurants in New York City, there’s hope for me. Mercadito’s exterior and interiors Stumbling upon Mercadito’s email about their brunch* it seemed like a good idea to try a Mexican brunch. I managed to convince my brother to get out of his apartment the past Sunday and meet up with..

Brunch I Actually Enjoyed: ilili Restaurant

ilili As a born and bred native New Yorker, I don’t exactly understand the concept of brunch. Brunch to me is basically another way to sneak in more alcohol into your system even though you had your fill of poison the night (or two, if you started on Friday) before and eat somewhat bland food during the late morning to the late afternoon in hopes to get rid of hangover or induce yourself to another drunken stupor. Since I don’t drink that much and I care more about the food, I haven’t encounter brunch food that I truly enjoyed. Until..

Brunch at Public

Taken place on January 3, 2010. Outside at Public Standing outside the breezy, insanely cold Sunday morning, I was invited by Hagan to join him on his ambitious food project called 93 Plates. Partially, I was regretting saying “yes” to drag my butt out of my warm bed but I refuse to be a flake, suck it up like any other New Yorker (or tourist) who’s walking outside, and travel out to Nolita. Since I arrived a bit early, I defrosted myself and soak in the interior of the restaurant. Open layout, loft-like, with an Industrial look. It looks Euro-cool..

Brunch at Shopsin’s

Jeebus, the LINE! On weekends when I don’t have to necessarily rush to go anywhere, I like to take my sweet ol’ time going to brunch with a friend or a few (if it’s possible) but I managed to have Helen fairly last minute. I know I’m admitting something relatively shocking but I have never been to Shopsin’s before my visit two Saturdays ago. Yes! Mock me, why don’t you?! As a native New Yorker who’s never eaten here, I know it’s a relative shame despite reading about Shopsin for years. Back to the story… I arrived to Shopsin’s around..

Fooding in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Three Saturdays ago I did have an intense fooding day since I went to the Big Apple BBQ 2008 with Giulia during the early afternoon (which I’m not going to write since everyone wrote about this eons ago and ate a lot more than I had, just Google it and you get a lot of hits) but you may look at my photos for that outing. As for the second leg of this fooding excursion, I finally went out to Brooklyn! Park Slope to be more specific. It’s been ages since I went to this borough just because it’s a..

An Upper East Side Brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella and a Cappuccino in Sicaffe

The past Saturday Ariel and I went out to brunch at DavidBurke & Donatella. Why in the world would I go to the Upper East Side for brunch? Well, he’s been bugging me about eating there ever since the Momofuku dinner back several weeks ago. I know if his food lovin’ heart is set on something, I have no choice but to tag along and be his dining companion. But then I found out the day before our brunch, he got a cold. And he still wanted to go there! Now, that’s dedication. Brunch menu cover (more…)

Lunch at Marrakesh and Brunch at August

I haven’t seen Kim for the longest time and really hang out with her. Why? Because of the chaotic meet up that I had back in July for the South Street Seaport concert didn’t suffice as hanging out since we greeted each other, talked for ten minutes and broke up into our own little groups when the concert started and the crush of the crowds left us to our own. That was cruel and I lost my voice that night… Anyways, I made arrangements to eat lunch with Kim the past Thursday for two reasons, the aforementioned and because I..

Brunch at Prune; Shake Shack, Ninth Street Espresso, and Picnick

As you can tell these past recent weeks, I’m writing pretty much an average about a post a week. It’s going to be like this for a while just because I’m snowballed with school and I’m dreading the LSATs! Good lord help me on the latter. I’m scared the wits out of me for this one test for the sake of law school. Anyways, I’m writing the aforementioned on the title but skipping out on Jean Georges just because that restaurant deserves its own post. Even though you see or seen the photos on my Flickr gallery. On Saturday, I..