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Belated Birthday Dinner at Eleven Madison Park (2012)

Exterior and interiors of Eleven Madison Park and my (belated) birthday card I’ve been trying to keep with tradition to celebrate my birthday at Eleven Madison Park (as I have last year and in 2010; I’ll shorten Eleven Madison Park as EMP), albeit a bit late since November was fully booked by the time I’ve tried making a reservation but it’s a first for me to have dinner there and eating a winter tasting menu. (I ended up having a closer to my birth date dinner at Humm and Guidara’s other restaurant The NoMad.) This 3* Michelin restaurant has been..

First Part of My Birthday Celebration: Dinner at The NoMad Restaurant

The Bar and the Library at the NoMad As I’ve stated on the title, dinner at The NoMad restaurant is my first leg of my birthday celebration. It’s been a very good year thinking back in perspective. I’ve graduated with a Master’s degree and eventually got the job that I wanted (in the medical field). Least to say, I’m pretty content and feel very fortunate with life and thought this would be a good way to kick off my birthday celebration since I’ve been wanting to eat here for the past six months or so. (The other part will be..

Corton – An Extended Tasting Menu for My Birthday

Corton’s Exterior, Interior, and my birthday Champagne toast For those of you who followed me over the years, notably on Twitter, it’s not a secret that I ate at Corton around the same date back in 2008. Pretty much, I live tweeted through that dinner as I learned back then, unexpectedly and to my own distress, photographs of any kind was banned. From my own memory, I recalled beautiful plates of food served to me. It was generally good but can’t pinpoint exactly what really blew my mind. Fast forward to several days ago, I made the visit again for..

My (Early) Birthday Dinner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

If you would like to read about the farm tour (with the adorable farm animals) I had prior to this dinner, please go back or click here. This dinner took place back on November 5th, 2010. Blue Hill at Stone Barns After watching the adorable, fluffy sheep grazing and chickens running around the farm in the brisk chill that day, my friend and I headed over to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for our dinner reservation. Walking through the fields, up the cobblestone path and courtyard, we finally made it. At the lounge Since we were fifteen minutes early, we..

My (Early) Birthday Celebration at Blue Hill at Stone Barns & Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture (Part 1)

Please note, this is only the farm portion of Blue Hill. The dinner portion of this trip to Westchester is coming up. Originally taken place on Friday, November 5th, 2010. I’ve been thinking for the past two weeks prior to my birthday, where the heck do I want to celebrate it? I’ve eaten my fair share of places in New York City for fine dining. I do not want Italian (though I do like that cuisine). I do not want Asian (I had my fair share of Asian food). After much pondering and tweeted out loud about this issue, I..

Dinner at Kuma Inn

[Here’s my long overdue post on my birthday dinner at Kuma Inn that’s taken place on November 7th.] Kuma Inn’s Entrance and Interior After having [cref my-birthday-celebration-part-1-cakes-drinks-and-fried-hot-dogs a cocktail at PDT], we (as in Helen, Giulia, Seungmi, and I) all walked down south to the Lower East Side for Asian tapas at Kuma Inn. Since it’s a relatively small group than what I’ve originally planned on, I didn’t bother with reservations even though it’s a Friday night. (more…)