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Two Meals Cooked at Home on Father's Day

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. Since my schedule was open that weekend from events and whatnot, I thought of preparing, cooking, grilling, and/or baking that entire time off just because, it is Father’s Day and I do love my dad. Anyway, since that weekend was gorgeous I thought of eating outside in my backyard. See the photo above. Brunch (more…)

Caviar-centric Dinner from California Caviar

Caviars & Roes from California Caviar A few weeks ago I received a shipment of caviars and roes from California Caviar. This company specializes in sustainable caviar, works with the United States’ top caviar importers, farmers, and purveyors to provide the highest quality sustainable alternatives to luxury food items. They harvest their fish’s roe the time-honored traditional way. Most caviar producers should (if not already) follow this company’s mission as the populations of sturgeon fish are dwindling, which is one of the reasons why I chose to use their caviar for my luxurious dinner. In my overnight box contained: Farmed..