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Belated food blogs: Cookies & Sweets Galore!

[Translate] Ever since I’ve joined John Jay’s Student Government, life’s been too hectic to try to write my food blog unless I make a time for it. Fortunately, today’s Thursday and it’s usually my time to catch up with anything I’ve missed or work that needed to be done that I have procrastinated. So, on to the food; technically, sweets! The last thing I’ve recorded on my food journal (yes, I have a food journal, not for dietary reasons; it’s more like my memories of what, when, where, and how that food tasted like than calorie/fat count) that I haven’t..

Lunch @ Roll & Dough (orig. post 9/7/06)

[Translate] For lunch, I traveled uptown (sort of) to the West Village to my previous posts that I would visit the Bing Lady. The establishment’s actual name is Roll & Dough, located at W3rd St just off 6th Ave. This place is much raved about in the NY Times and my favorite food forum, Chowhound, so it pretty much got me curious if it’s that good. Roll & Dough The chicken bun looked appetizing; it had a nice shiny glaze and a beautiful golden brown color on the bread. After breaking it up in half with my hands, the bread..

Union Square, Tisserie…again & c.c.c. (orig. posted 9/6/06)

[Translate] I’ve went to Union Square twice today. Yeah, twice. The first time I was deprived of energy that I had enough time to go down there and hope to get a cup of coffee from my favorite joint, Joe. Unfortunately, it was 6:50 AM and they don’t work the same hours as Starbucks, so it was a lost cause. Anyways, after suffering without coffee until 11 AM, I practically sprinted out of class, to the subways and down back to Union Square. A 20 minute commute (those of you who don’t know where John Jay is, it’s at 10th..

More thoughts on Cafe Zaiya and red bean paste (orig. posted 9/5/06)

[Translate] Well, if you have read my previous post about Cafe Zaiya, it seemed I was standing in between the boundaries of like and dislike. Today I try confirmed my final thoughts on this much raved Japanese spot. Today, Tuesday, 9/5/06, I purchased the Mini Koshi An Pans (package of 5 for $2.75) and the Pork Cutlet Sandwich ($3.95 for 1 1/2 sandwiches; seen in photo). Both foods were made the day of and it looked appetizing; the problem is that this is a lot of food for me. Thankfully, I have arranged a little meet up for lunch with..

Food (orig. posted 9/2/06)

[Translate] Ok, this blog be about, as indicated for the title, food. Most people, who known me for quite some time, know that I love food. So, this is going to be a little blog of the most recent places I have eaten around. For the past few days (Thursday & Fri), I have been eating the food from Cafe Zaiya, a small Japanese cafe located in Midtown East, on E 41st St between Madison & 5th Ave. This place serves inexpensive food like sushi, bento boxes, sandwiches, Japanese baked goods, and Beard Papa cream puffs. Seating is limited and..