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Who Has the Best Scones in NYC?

[Translate] I’m really going with the whole theme of “who’s got the best of…(some type of food)?” Can’t help it really. If I’m craving for a certain type of food heck, I’ll search the ends of New York City, to get it and possibly pay for that certain price tag. So, it’s all about scones today. I love a good scone, especially the ones just out the oven, I would be in heaven. Unfortunately, the academic life restricts my schedule from actually bake scones and amongst a ton of other things. Seriously, I’m in dire need to bake just to..

Once Upon A Tart…

[Translate] Yup, that’s the name of the bakery/cafe that is located in 135 Sullivan Street (near Houston St) in SoHo. I’ve been to this adorable bakery a few times for the past couple of years. Mostly pastries, they did have good madelines and biscottis. Well, after sifting through their own cookbook again in Strands Books, made me want to come back to this place. (I know the photo isn’t balanced and all, but I was in a hurry. Sorry.). The foods I’ve tried were their walnut apricot scone ($2.25), pumpkin cranberry biscotti ($1), a spinach mushroom tart ($5.50) and an..

Macarons…who has them in NYC? Who's the best?

[Translate] Macarons…I’m talking about the French style macarons, not those coconut mounds that it’s spelled macaroons. Macarons are simple cookies, made from almond powder, sugar and egg whites, then sandwiched with a layer of flavored cream or jam.To my surprise (well, not really) that there aren’t that many bakeries and shops that sell these yummy pastry delights in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Obviously, in Paris it’s ubiquitous (after drooling after reading Robyn’s multiple blogs about them on her stay in Paris; that’s my original inspiration to this blog. Thank you, Robyn!). I guess the American palate doesn’t like the delicate cookie..

Lunch at My House

[Translate] Today, I have no classes (obviously because it’s Columbus Day), stayed home and studying for upcoming midterms. Anyways, over the weekend my parents decided to buy a frozen turkey and roast that darn thing on Sunday. It’s not hard at all; just defrost the turkey the day before, marinate the bird overnight with a spice rub (did it the Chinese way by using Five Spice Powder, etc.). Roast it in 350 degree oven for 1 hr. 45 mins. and you got a great turkey. Since this is like a prelude to Thanksgiving for my family, as in the leftovers..

Who Has the Best Croissants in NYC?

[Translate] For the past two weeks, I’ve been searching for the best croissant. To tell you the truth, it’s been a hardship for my arteries and my wallet. I practically ate 5 pounds of butter from all of those croissants! I could imagine that my cardiologist in the future, would love me. At least I’m young that I can lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. Also, I’m thinking of abstaining from croissants for a week. I should mention before we go into the critiques, what I consider a good or possibly a great croissant. A good croissant should be fresh (obviously),..

Bouchon Bakery

[Translate] Today I went to Bouchon Bakery for lunch. Yeah, I know I have an addiction of sorts to Bouchon Bakery. It’s the only place that I could mostly confide in that has really good food but at least I don’t go there everyday…yet. hehehe… I would’ve gone downtown to Union Square if I knew my history professor would be out again. Grrr… *sighs* I guess everything happens for a reason. Anyways, the food…the food of choice for today is a small coffee ($1.85), plain croissant ($2.75) and a pumpkin macaroon ($2.75), with tax it’s $7.97. I know it’s not..