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I'm in a food coma (after Thanksgiving)

[Translate] I barely survived two and a half days of indulgence consisting mostly of the baked goods I’ve made and I feel like I’m in a food coma. Eh, it’s not a great feeling for me. Yesterday, I’ve mentioned that I’m making mantou and cookies. My mom requested that she wanted the darn things by 5 AM. Do you know why? It’s because my mom is one of those crazy maniacs who would go for the Early Bird shopping for Black Friday and I’m the victim of her madness to be dragged along. Jeez. There goes my sleep. Thankfully I..

Round One: Baking for Turkey Day (Thanksgiving)

[Translate] Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in America, as well as everyone in the world! Even though, you might not celebrate the holiday, at least I’ll spread some cheer across the world. :) No, I haven’t really eat out the past week because I’m trying to purge my body from excess food that I’ll be consuming over this holiday weekend. Sorry, but I’ll make it up next week. I’ve already started baking since yesterday; even though it’s not Thanksgiving yet. It sometimes scares me how much food I’ll end up ingesting over the five days that I’m at home. So far,..

Making & Baking Chocolate Souffle & Creme Anglaise Sauce

[Translate] It’s nearing the holidays and I want to hone my baking skills again just because I have no school on Friday and I have no important tests to take care of this week, and damn it, I want chocolate! So, it’s my excuse to bake for a short period of time (an hour including the vanilla creme anglaise sauce). The first thing I made was the creme anglaise just because it needs to be cooled for at least an hour or two so that it’s thick enough to be creamy and silky to the palate. After pouring the creme..

Egg tarts, dumplings, chocolate dumplings and more…

[Translate] I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I want some Chinese food.” Obviously being in New York, that means Chinatown. So, before I left my house I just grab a cup of coffee and a banana, in hopes of stuffing myself with good Chinese food. The problem with the morning commute is that I haven’t been to Chinatown in a loong time, as in the last time I’ve written about Chinatown was about 2 months ago, long. So, I’ve lost my way there wandering around the streets trying to figure out where the heck are the three..

The NYC Chocolate Show! (My Kind of Heaven!)

[Translate] Yesterday afternoon, Friday, November 10th, I went to the 9th Annual NYC Chocolate Show. I arrived there about 12 PM and I already bought the ticket online for $25.05 (regular admission is $25 at the door), including the discount code from Frommer’s; it’s just the shipping and fees TicketMaster kicks in to inflate the charges further instead of $15. But I’m not complaining I avoided the long line waiting to get a ticket in person. When I got into the Chocolate Show, they stamped my hand so I could come back in later on today, if I want, and..

The Best of Croissants…Part 2

[Translate] Well as promised, I would continue my trek for some great croissants that could match Mr. Claude’s. Actually there is a potential rival. I have visited another ten bakeries. So here’s the list…(and I’m still using the same rating system) Balthazar Bakery located in 80 Spring Street (near Crosby St.) in SoHo. It’s a popular place for all things French since it created a huge buzz back five to ten years ago. I never ate in their restaurant but I went to their bakery a few times before. I tried their Almond Croissant ($2.50) a few hours after I..