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The Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies to Make…

[Translate] in your LIFE! I recently bought The Weekend Baker from Amazon just because well…I want to. The recipes seem easy to make and it’s very tempting to save lots of time. It’s a nice change to my last post on the Chocolate Variation of Lady M’s Mille Crêpes Cake. I don’t have to kill two or more hours just for one little domed cake. These cookies took about a half hour to 45 minutes from start to finish. And all is from scratch. Now that’s my kind of recipe. No fuss, it’s a very familiar dessert to eat, and..

Chocolate Variation of Lady M's Mille Crêpes Cake

[Translate] Today, I’m craving for the dessert type crêpes and I had an ample amount of time to kill. Inspired from much buzz from the past year of Lady M’s Mille Crêpes cake (and I have tried it about half a year ago; before I started this blog) and the current craving of chocolate (what else do I love more?) and crêpes I thought, “Why not make a bittersweet chocolate version of the Mille Crêpes cake?!” So, I searched the web for a dependable crêpes cake recipe and lo and behold I found it from Martha Stewart’s site (you’ll see..

Honey Zabaglione with Grapefruit and Orange – 2 ways

[Translate] I guess you’re getting tired of me making desserts. I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m really stuck at home, so bear with me…just one more week. Anyways, I’m bored at home and I wanted to make a fruity yet rich dessert. I remembered watching Ina Garten making frozen berries with hot white chocolate sauce on the Food Network the past week and I was craving for something similar but just not using berries since they’re off season and I have tons of citrus fruits. So, I logged onto Martha Stewart’s website (if you haven’t noticed, Martha’s one of my..

Budding Flower Tea & Meringue Frosted Chocolate Cake

[Translate] Whenever we hope for something so much and once we get it, we don’t care for it anymore. I guess that’s what makes us human; we are frivolous souls who always in need with something else to distract us at the moment. I know I sound livid right now. No, I’m not angry at anyone or anything; I’m just bored to tears that my “vacation” is supposed to be enjoyable and carefree but I feel like time is slipping away by doing relatively nothing. I’m spending my precious vacation days with studying for LSATs (dreading on June), running on..

Individual Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes

[Translate] Today’s really dreadful to go out. The rain is pouring, the winds blowing hard…and I’m bored. To kill some time, I just wanted to make something gooey and chocolatey. My chocoholic mind popped up with a chocolate pudding cake! I remembered I saw a recipe from Martha Stewart’s website that has this (posting’s title) particular recipe. I found the “Individual Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes” and my mind screamed, “Perfect!” It’s a very simple recipe. Surprisingly, there’s a very small amount of butter but it’s delicious and it satisfies my chocolate craving. Onto my baking and here’s the results: Honestly,..

Tea Time at Home

[Translate] It’s the first weekend of the new year and it is unusual for this time of the year to be near 70 degrees! All of the 21 years of my life living in New York and I have never seen such weather in the beginning of January where we can practically go out with your spring clothes. I just hope the ice age is not coming…yeah, it’s the anxious/pessimistic side of me speaking here. Sorry. Anyways, I had lunch and I wanted tea but I wanted a twist with it so, I just made an all butter shortbread (how..