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Homemade Steamed Chicken Buns

[Translate] I made these a few days ago, if some of you have seen it on my Flickr page. The main reason why I’ve made them because: (1) My parents purchased a lot of whole chickens over the weekend and (2) My mom’s having a craving for a savory version of the mantou; in other words, a stuffed steam bun.As you can see it went pretty well. Thankfully, my dad’s a little more of the expert on making the ground chicken filling. Yes, he boned and skinned the chicken and used a meat grinder to make this filling. My mom..

My New Favorite Cupcake & Espresso in the Upper East Side…

[Translate] Today, I went to the Upper East Side, as I’ve promised from the last post that I’m going to Two Little Red Hens. I have two reasons in mind for this visit: (1) it’s been 2 years since I’ve been here (2) I want to try their Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Cupcake and a muffin since I’m doing “research” for a future posting. (more…)

Snacking at Vosges Haut Chocolat, Dinner at Ajisen Restaurant & Lunch at Tisserie

[Translate] The countdown begins (about 2 weeks) ’til classes are over. This almost equates to the fact that my eating out days are coming to an end as well. At least, I get time to spend at home or at a friend’s home, baking or cooking something instead of buying food, but that would be around the Christmas and New Year holidays. This week I went to three venues that is a little bit of something to note. On Tuesday afternoon, I went down to SoHo to try Vosgues Haut Chocolat‘s hot chocolate. I’ve read that their “Bianca” white hot..

My Chocolate Binge This Week

[Translate] As some of you might have read from my previous post, I have gone crazy for upscale chocolates for some reason for the past week. Possibly I blame the upcoming Christmas holidays for their marketing or just because I’m a chocolate hedonist. Sometimes it’s good to live in New York City just because there is so many different chocolate shops and boutiques that one can check out. My chocolate trek started with Max Brenner’s in Union Square. I have passed this chocolate shop/restaurant countless times and I went in their shop once during opening day. For some reason, I..

This week: pre-Christmas, Vietnamese food & Chocolate

[Translate] I have about a week and a half left ’til school’s over. I’m happy and unhappy about that statement. If you’re wondering why I’m happy, it’s a given, no more class work, papers, and tests; unhappy it’s because I can’t go out to eat that often and the fact that finals are coming closer…my unfortunate future. But what can I do really? Ever since Turkey Day (Thanksgiving) passed, almost every single freakin’ building in Manhattan has been decorated with Christmas lights, decorations, or even large displays of Christmas stuff out in the open. It’s impossible to forget that Christmas..

I'm in a food coma (after Thanksgiving)

[Translate] I barely survived two and a half days of indulgence consisting mostly of the baked goods I’ve made and I feel like I’m in a food coma. Eh, it’s not a great feeling for me. Yesterday, I’ve mentioned that I’m making mantou and cookies. My mom requested that she wanted the darn things by 5 AM. Do you know why? It’s because my mom is one of those crazy maniacs who would go for the Early Bird shopping for Black Friday and I’m the victim of her madness to be dragged along. Jeez. There goes my sleep. Thankfully I..