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Taking a Break from Haute Cuisine: Chinatown

[Translate] I’m seriously eating too much food this week. I’m definitely taking it easy on the food after this Saturday. I’m still going to the remaining two restaurants next week but don’t expect the daily write-ups I’m doing this week. It’ll most likely be the once or twice a week posting from the next week on. Sorry, my body can handle so much food. Today I went to Chinatown since I’m eating all this fancy stuff the past two days (Cafe Sabarsky and A Voce), I just randomly go into different bakeries all over C-town and hope to find something..

Double Dose of Espresso and Lunch at A Voce!

[Translate] For those of you who have been loyal readers (and I thank you for that), I told you that I’m eating out in four different restaurants on the Winter Restaurant Week. Today’s reservation is at A Voce. More on that later. I started the morning with a latte at Café Grumpy. Those of you who are familiar with this place, it’s actually from Greenpoint, Brooklyn. However, recently I read from New York Magazine the past week that it just opened in Chelsea. Since I love espresso and coffee, I have to try it. The odd thing about this place..

A Delicious Lunch at Café Sabarsky

[Translate] Those of you who have read my earlier posts around December, I wanted to go to Café Sabarsky for lunch. However the extremely long wait due to the fact that it was 12:30 and it was the holiday season, it was packed with people and I was about to faint from hunger. So, today I managed to get to eat there for lunch (finally!). I arrived there at 11:05 and I was hungry (I ate breakfast at 6 AM, mind you). Basically, you just enter the doors to the Neue Gallery and they check your bags and you enter..

A Scone Reinterpreted

[Translate] Scones plated with orange slices In case you haven’t noticed, I just have a bit too much time on my hands and I have a hankering for scones. I guess since it’s too evasive to find a great scone when I tried to search for it last year, I decided to bake a batch now. Also the snow made me want to bake even more just because I’m stuck at home…except maybe digging it. *blech* Should I mention it’s the first real snow ever since winter has started? Since I have too many of the typical blueberry, cinnamon or..

The Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies to Make…

[Translate] in your LIFE! I recently bought The Weekend Baker from Amazon just because well…I want to. The recipes seem easy to make and it’s very tempting to save lots of time. It’s a nice change to my last post on the Chocolate Variation of Lady M’s Mille Crêpes Cake. I don’t have to kill two or more hours just for one little domed cake. These cookies took about a half hour to 45 minutes from start to finish. And all is from scratch. Now that’s my kind of recipe. No fuss, it’s a very familiar dessert to eat, and..

Chocolate Variation of Lady M's Mille Crêpes Cake

[Translate] Today, I’m craving for the dessert type crêpes and I had an ample amount of time to kill. Inspired from much buzz from the past year of Lady M’s Mille Crêpes cake (and I have tried it about half a year ago; before I started this blog) and the current craving of chocolate (what else do I love more?) and crêpes I thought, “Why not make a bittersweet chocolate version of the Mille Crêpes cake?!” So, I searched the web for a dependable crêpes cake recipe and lo and behold I found it from Martha Stewart’s site (you’ll see..