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Playing with my Food: Japanese Snacks from Minimoto Kitchoan, Takashimaya and Michel Cluizel

[Translate] It’s not really a food posting of sorts. It’s more like food photos of the confections that I’ve purchased ever since Tuesday, 12/19 from Takashimaya, Minimoto Kitchoan, and Chocolat Michel Cluizel.Somehow I’ve managed to have time in between finals to do a little food shopping. Then later on the week I played, plated and eaten most of these sweets. Boy, my dentist is going to love me now… Well, enjoy the show. Hopefully it looks good. Any critiques on these photos are welcome. Please note that you may click on the photo if you want to get more info...

A Day with (some) of My Friends…

[Translate] Well, it’s official. I’m out of school for a month. I don’t know if that’s good thing for me but heck, I don’t want to deal (or have to) with papers and exams until after New Year’s. After that I need to bury myself in study books for the LSATs. I planned to hang out with my two friends who attends from my former school, St. John’s University about a few days ago. They agreed and luckily for them, finals were over for almost a week. Anyways, we met at one of my friends’ house, Helen. She’s not usually..

A Short But Busy Mid-Week: Payard, Swich, Chocolat Michel Cluizel

[Translate] To reiterate what I said, it’s finals week for me and it was a killer for me. My brain feels a bit fried from all the stress for packing in 6 finals within 3 days. It’s ridiculous what colleges do to students. I’m assuming law school would be 5 – 10 times more intense than what I’d faced. Oh well… Sorry about that sidetrack; going on with food now… On Tuesday, my literature final was during the late afternoon. So, I took advantage of the ample time of sorts to go to Payard Patissere & Bistro in the Upper..

A Japanese Lunch & Desserts

[Translate] Yesterday I had the intention of going to eat lunch at Cafe Sabarsky. However, the wait was killing me – almost 40 minutes and I was starving! So, I just gave up my spot on line and just took a bus down 5th Avenue. I ended up going to Takashimaya’s Tea Box Cafe. I wanted to eat here for a while and since I this is my chance now, I went in. Those of you who have never went in here before, it’s basically an upscale Japanese department store that tastefully blend Japanese and French style. (I must say..

Homemade Steamed Chicken Buns

[Translate] I made these a few days ago, if some of you have seen it on my Flickr page. The main reason why I’ve made them because: (1) My parents purchased a lot of whole chickens over the weekend and (2) My mom’s having a craving for a savory version of the mantou; in other words, a stuffed steam bun.As you can see it went pretty well. Thankfully, my dad’s a little more of the expert on making the ground chicken filling. Yes, he boned and skinned the chicken and used a meat grinder to make this filling. My mom..

My New Favorite Cupcake & Espresso in the Upper East Side…

[Translate] Today, I went to the Upper East Side, as I’ve promised from the last post that I’m going to Two Little Red Hens. I have two reasons in mind for this visit: (1) it’s been 2 years since I’ve been here (2) I want to try their Brooklyn Blackout Chocolate Cupcake and a muffin since I’m doing “research” for a future posting. (more…)