Food Reviews

A Bacon and Chocolate Bar, Sushi at Esashi, and Desserts at WD-50

[Translate] The past Sunday, I went out to the city with one of my best friends, Seungmi for dinner. But we agreed to meet up in the late afternoon for the sake of an odd flavor combination for a chocolate bar: chocolate and bacon. Intriguing? It was to us. So we head down to SoHo to the Chicago-based, trendy chocolate shop, Vosges Haut Chocolat. (more…)

Tea Time at Takashimaya's Tea Box and Minamoto's Seasonal Wagashis

[Translate] I want to apologize for not writing in a looong time. I’ve been stressed with work at the office I’m working at and my Internet connection was down for the past two and a half days. Both are long stories that I would like to spare you from reading. Okee…moving on. Last Friday, I went to Takashimaya, a Japanese owned, gorgeous, luxurious boutique store on Fifth Avenue (and yes, I know their site is in Japanese). I go there just because of their tea shop in their basement, not the other stuff. Anyhow, since it’s past 3 PM they..

The Insanity of Last Friday…(chocolate, ice cream, booze and tapas)

[Translate] I know there’s a huge gap of time between my dinner at Alta and what happened on last Friday. The reason is that I’m working in Queens. Yes, I know it’s the U.N. sitting in one borough but the area where I’m working at is near a mall…and the food scene seems very depressing to say the least. Moving on to last Friday…I have planned a huge outing for most of my close friends, most of them are from St. John’s and there’s Ariel who was the newcomer of the bunch, but he’s cool in my book. What I..