Food Reviews

A Memorable Birthday Dinner at Degustation

[Translate] Last night I went to Degustation for dinner. You might be wondering why would I choose this place? Well, I’ve been meaning to eat here for a while ever since I’ve read Frank Bruni’s review of this place, it seems very enjoyable in terms of atmosphere and food. Foodies at Chowhound likes this place a lot and the fact I love tapas. I ate this dinner with Ariel since he loves Catalonian food…or anything that tastes good and he’s willing to splurge with me. Signage on the door Looking through their window… (more…)

Oh, for the Love of Sweets…

[Translate] Ya know, I should be paying attention of my intake of pastries these days, especially with the fact that my birthday’s next Friday. Aging would mean the slowing of metabolism, cholesterol levels are bound to be high by now, especially with the blood sugar levels with the stuff I’m eating. I would eat healthier foods but I would feel deprived if I don’t eat sweets or any “bad” foods. At least I’m working out… A few days ago, I went back to Amai Tea & Bake House since everyone from the previous post about them, were commenting about trying..

A Casual, Laid Back Lunch (of sorts) at Amai Tea & Casual Elegant Desserts at La Maison du Chocolat

[Translate] Saturday was kind of unusual for me. It’s rainy yet warm, I feel so stinkin’ tired because I want to finish up my papers…and I passed by an anti-war protest in Union Square as I walked around the Greenmarket (or Farmers’ Market, as most New Yorkers call it). I know the latter didn’t make sense, but it follows the “unusual” part on a tangent… Rain, rain, go away… Protesters (more…)

How Sweet It Is…to Love Their Pastries!

[Translate] As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, this is going to be about the Lower East Side bakery, How Sweet It Is. I’ve read about this tiny, charming place from the NY Times’ Dining section from Wednesday’s paper. Since I love bakeries, I might as well check the place out on Thursday when my class schedule is more flexible. (more…)

Surviving the Major Chunk of Midterms: Bouchon, Grandaisy, Prem-On Thai

[Translate] For the past week, I had three midterms and a ten-page paper due, all crammed within four days. I was suffering with stress that I want to scream in vexation due to my aching head. Isn’t college life just awesome? At least I survived the roughest week and there’s a little sprinkling of tests for the next two weeks, which the last one would be two days before my birthday. At least my professors spared me of pain and torture on that day. Thankfully. On Monday, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast at home, so I head..