Food Reviews

A Reunion with A Long Lost Friend

[Translate] A Note to the chocoholics: To those of you who have seen my “tasting” photos earlier the past weekend, I will not be posting that anytime soon since I recently finished three bars of chocolate (and my stomach’s hurting because of that), I want to pace myself eating these chocolates and I can do whatever I want since this is my blog! BWHAHAHAHA… Ahem. No, I’m not trying to be mean. I don’t want to have a chocolate backlash and I want to be thorough in what the heck I’m tasting from these chocolates (and I realized when I..

Lunch at Café Gray

[Translate] For strange reasons, I wanted to try Café Gray‘s food since well, it’s very close to campus in Time Warner Center, and people have talked about Chef Gray Kunz’s greatness back in the days of Lespinasse (click here for the review of Lespinasse on the NY Times by Ruth Reichl back in 1998, for the inquiring mind). Being the curious person that I am of Mr. Kunz’s food and the recent Times article mentioned that they are serving lunch again, I managed to splurge here. As I arrived to Café Gray, a woman maître d’ was waiting at the..

Maoz Vegeterian, Visiting S.E., Lunch at Prune, and Halvah at Russ & Daughters

[Translate] Note: I’m going to write about Café Gray on a separate post. I know probably a few of you might have seen the photos but I’m not going to talk about them today…but sometime very soon. On Monday, I went was around Union Square during my lunch break since I have about an hour and ten minutes after commuting down there via the subway. Since I’m tired of eating at City Bakery and I don’t want to eat sweets that day, surprisingly (probably due to the fact that I was semi-sick?), I went to Maoz Vegetarian. Maoz The line..

A Great Burger and Chocolate Cake at The Spotted Pig

[Translate] For a long while now, I’ve always wanted to go to The Spotted Pig but I never have because I keep forgetting to go there because it’s somewhere hidden in the crazy maze of West Village and the fact that I need someone else to eat with me since I don’t want to make multiple visits. But finally, I went there the past Thursday for lunch with my friend (that I know from Kim) Eno. As my original fear for coming, Eno had a bit of trouble finding the place (thankfully I was prepared by remembering the map online)..

Smörgåsbord at Aquavit Cafe and Italian food at Frankies Spuntino

[Translate] Since I’ve wrote to Robyn recently via e-mail about my horror of yesterday at the LSAT and wanted me to express the dreadful experience of what happened. So, here it is (if you don’t really care about my babbling about the LSATs, just scroll down ’til you hit a food photo): The LSAT people emailed me (and all test takers) that I cannot have these items with me at the day of the test: a handbag, purse or backpack; no electronics of any sort (i.e. cellphones, cameras, beepers, iPods, etc.), weapons (that’s a duh), rulers, and other odd stuff...