Food Reviews

Lunch with Two Exec Chefs at Jean Georges

[Translate] The most unimaginable thing happened to me for on Thursday: eating lunch with two executive chefs at Jean Georges. Just to give you the gist on how this event to ever occur, Marc Collins of Circa 1886 in Charleston, SC, emailed me for a bunch of recommendations to eat out around Manhattan since he’s cooking at the James Beard Foundation for the Tastes of Charleston event. We emailed each other for a good number of times and in the end, he asked me to join him for lunch at JG with his best friend, Kyle Ketchum of the Spiced..

Happy New Year! And my dinner at WD-50

[Translate] I wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Jeebus, time flew so quickly… I’ll probably write a review of the past year soon, say, on the day of the new year? I’m not too sure on that. If not, I have a more personal post to write about anyways. Going back to Friday night, I went to WD-50 with Ariel for dinner since he’s particularly intrigued with molecular gastronomy and Chef Wylie Dufrense since he’s the only person in New York who really does this particular style of cooking. And the fact that he likes food that has weird flavor combinations...

Fooding with Friends on My Last Day of Classes! (Taïm and Graffiti)

[Translate] Last Saturday was officially my last day of school. No more classes. No more quizzes, papers, and tests! Good riddance…at least for now. I’m giving myself a break from school for a year. Get a real job (but still go out eating, of course) and then go through the madness of applications of either law school or grad school. To kind of celebrate this event, I asked several friends to have lunch with me at Taïm. Seungmi was in the city before the supposed time where all of us should meet, I hanged out with her, browsing through a..

My Last Goodbye to Bouchon Bakery, Tacos, and French Pastries

[Translate] Last Wednesday, when most of my finals were pretty much finished, I had breakfast Bouchon Bakery for the very last time. Yes. It’s time for me to give up the days where the photogenic (albeit a tad pricey) pastries are my usual go-to since I’m graduating. What I ended up commemorating this place were their wonderful bacon and cheddar chive scone and a cream cheese, orange marmalade danish. Bacon & Cheddar Chive Scone (more…)

Cheecake at Birdbath & Lunch at Fiamma

[Translate] Notes: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m approximately a week behind what I should be blogging about. Somehow after finishing school, I’m becoming a lazy bum, just procrastinating the inevitable task of writing a post. Anyways, this is a post that’s taken place last Tuesday. If you want to jump to the review of my lunch at Fiamma, click here. Somehow, I went backwards that I started my afternoon with dessert. A decadent, dense one in fact: a chocolate cheesecake at Birdbath. Birdbath’s pastries and COOKIES! (more…)