West Village


Press Tea (NYC)

Exterior; Menu & Pastry display of white chocolate apricot scones and mini green tea whoopie pies; Interior It’s unfortunate that teas haven’t received the precious wave of attention like coffee has within the past decade that every detail was scrutinized starting from where the beans are originated to how to brew the drink (e.g. amount of grounds, water temperature, etc.) that creates a beautifully complex cup. So this does prompt the question, why can’t New York City have a very good, proper cup of tea? The possible answer to that is Press Tea in West Village. This is the kind..

Brunch at The Marrow

Ever since The Marrow was buzzing earlier this year, I’ve been wondering how Chef Harold Dieterle would mesh Germanic and Italian fare, after opening and operating his other restaurants Perilla and the Thai-inspired Kin Shop, all in the West Village. I finally made my first visit for brunch with a good friend of mine who is equally curious as I am as he is a fan of Perilla restaurant.

“Uncommonly Fabulous” Dinner at The James Beard House

Inside the kitchen with The Common Man Restaurant team and Chef Alfred Portale tasting the hors d’oeuvres and my (proof copy) menu This is my third time as a guest to dine at the James Beard House (the first was the 125th Anniversary Dinner of Mercedes Benz and more recently for Joanne Chang’s afternoon tea), as my friend “O” was gracious to invite me as his guest. This particular dinner was cooked by Executive Chef/Co-Owner Adam Longworth (and his wife/Co-Owner Lorien Wroten who is general manager and this evening’s wine director) of The Common Man Restaurant in Sugarbush, Vermont and..

Sweet & Savory Bakers Afternoon Tea at The James Beard House

At The James Beard House (top two photos), bottom photo: Executive Chef Corey Johnson and Owner Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery, Boston, MA This past Sunday, I was graciously invited to join Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery (Boston, MA) and Le Palais des Thés tea for the wonderful afternoon tea at the James Beard House. (To those of you who read this site long enough, I did dine here in November for the wonderful Mercedes Benz 125th Anniversary dinner that featured James Beard awarded chefs and bartender.) I met the lovely Joanne Chang who is gentle yet serious about her..

Dinner at Niu Noodle House

Exterior and Interior of Niu Noodle House Niu Noodle House in the West Village is a very good spot to fulfill the craving of a hearty bowl of Chinese-style noodles with an assortment of good dim sum during the dinner hours. Their menu is broad in terms of type of Chinese food it serves (they do serve satays, steam buns, etc.), affordable (most noodle dishes hover around $14) and nicely portioned. The atmosphere is kind of unusual for a noodle house. It’s definitely not a stereotypical Chinese restaurant. There’s lots of dark wood, artwork on the walls make it look..

Dinner at Barrio 47

Barrio 47: Exterior, Communal table by the bar, open kitchen Last Wednesday, I had dinner with a friend at Barrio 47. It’s a narrow, handsome Mediterranean, neighborhood type of restaurant located in West Village, with the kitchen headed by Executive Chef Miguel Rosado. We arrived during the early dinner hours, where there the marble bar and the communal table at the front of the restaurant was filled with (generally) young patrons enjoying their Happy Hour drinks, as dinner has not started yet. Cocktails and Dungeness crab cocas (flatbread) As soon as dinner service kicked in, we sat near the back..

Victory Garden – Sublime Goat’s Milk Soft Serve

Inside Victory Garden (with their adorable tip jar) Victory Garden, is a boutique located in the West Village that specializes in all things goat’s milk, namely its luxuriously creamy goat’s milk soft serve. This charming boutique has an exposed brick wall one side of the store, while the other side evokes the feeling that you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean, with a large display showcasing their natural beauty products like goat’s milk soaps, beeswax cream, and even the rare ingredient in the U.S., mastic bars. Toppings to choose I was intrigued by the fact that owner and chef Sophia Brittan’s uses..

Tasting Menu Dinner at 10 Downing – Hearty & Delicious

Interior, Floral centerpiece & Tasting Menu I recently went to 10 Downing for their dinner tasting menu of four courses for $49. With Chef Jonnatan Leiva, a San Francisco expat who specializes on farm-to-table cuisine, it sounds like it’s worth trying and made reservations. This place felt like a spacious, downtown restaurant at a great location in West Village. Random photos, even a landscape photo of Mexico, and artifacts that strewn across the walls. Large floor-to-ceiling windows; it looks trendy yet it feels comfortable for someone to bring a friend (or several) to have a drink at their bar and..

Lunch at Kin Shop

Back when a good friend of mine came back from her trip to Asia, I joined her, her husband and one of my best friends to Kin Shop for lunch. Interior shots As everyone in town is talking and writing about this restaurant, it’s busy. By the time I arrived around 1 PM, the place was packed and a few people have to wait for a table because they don’t have reservations. What caught my party off guard was that their lunch menu (click for photo) was abbreviated a lot more than what their website indicated. Our waitress confirmed that..