Upper West Side


Lunch at Jean Georges

Taken place on September 25, 2009. I do admit I’m being terribly lazy but explaining every minute detail of my experience at Jean Georges might be a bit boring to you readers (since I wrote about them thrice already, not counting this post). I’ll let my photos to do the talking. Most of the food was very good. The memorable dishes were crab and squash blossom beignet; not the beignet itself, I found the filling poorly made (use of finely shredded crab meat and waay too much mayo) but the salad component of the dish. I never loved cherry tomatoes..

Dinner at Marea & Clo Wine Bar

Taken place on September 18, 2009. (I’m giving you the slideshow treatment for this blog post just because I can’t catch up if I do my routine post. When you reach the slideshow, you may click on the photo to read the captions or go to that particular Flickr photo page.) Probably all of you who do follow the food critics, notably Sam Sifton of the NY Times, read his Marea review that’s published this week. I do agree with him that this is an expensive, casual restaurant. (Side note, this is my second meal here. The first one seen..

Restaurant Week at Bar Boulud

Taken place on July 28, 2009. Note to all of the NYC diners who want to participate RW, most are ending today, July 31st. Menu and bread and butter I’m at Bar Boulud again. It’s been a year or so since I’ve been here and think I might as well have a RW lunch because it’s relatively accessible for me and my friends, Helen and Giulia, to come over. Looking down the tunnel I know the whole concept of this restaurant is to look like a wine cellar but it always make me feel like I’m looking down a long..

Epic Eating – Momofuku Milk Bar, Everyman Espresso, Bouchon Bakery, and Gus & Gabriel

Originally taken place on July 3, 2009. The first part is from Ssam Bar’s prix fixe lunch (it started with the beef tendon dish). I didn’t have the intention of stuffing my face with a ton of Momofuku food that day… Burnt honey + mustard croissant?! But Seungmi was hungry and wanted something to eat. I was presuming Helen was coming downtown from work and Seungmi never went to any of the Momofuku places, I might as well introduce her to the “lighter” fare of

Summary of Meals During The Month of March

Apologies for the almost non-existence of me blogging. It’s been hectic for the past month with my mom’s health went on limbo; going back and forth from home to the hospital. She’s fine for the time being and at home. As for me, I haven’t been eating out a whole lot because of my mom and been living off of lots of coffee but still tired despite being caffeinated. Buh. I can’t win. Anyhoo, here’s where I’ve been to whilst I have a few hours to myself during the month of March. Discovery of Soup Dumplings in the Upper East..

Mitchel London, Fairway Café, and Huge Rib Eyes

HUGE rib eyes I was invited back on March 4th (yes, I know I’m really behind) to attend a dinner and food demonstration at Fairway Café with Mitchel London leading the show – well, co-starring since this class is called “Mitchel & Me.” The “me” is Dan Glickberg, the 4th generation owner of Fairway. (It’s a family-run business, in case you didn’t know.) I thought it was cool since I do like his most of his baked goods over at Mitchel London Foods. Mitchel whistling Walking through the mosh-pit like crowds and lines in Fairway Market, I finally made it..

A Great Dinner at Hearth

This dinner dates back on January 16, 2009. Yes, it’s a bit dated but it’s still valid when you look at their current menu. About a month or so, in December, Patrick (if you look back at the Alta post, that’s when I knew him) and I chatted online like we usually do on a workday. The surprising thing he told me was he’s coming to visit New York City for the weekend. I was happy since I haven’t seen him for nearly a year or so and he wanted to eat dinner. Somewhere. I scratched my head a bit..

A Brief Dinner at Picholine

Picholine’s menu cover Two Fridays ago, I’ve arranged a small dinner with Robyn, Jess, and her roommate, Jen to Picholine‘s bar/lounge. Why? It’s because I’m intrigued by their menu, it’s relatively affordable compared to their main dining room’s menu and we’re not dying of starvation.