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Men’s Health Cooking School at Institute of Culinary Education

Setting outside the classroom; Kitchen demo area; Table setting at the Men’s Health Cooking School This past Saturday, I attended the Men’s Health Cooking School at Institute of Culinary Education in the hopes of picking up a few tips from most of these classes and to meet Chef/Owner Andy Ricker of Pok Pok in person. These cooking classes are actually cooking demonstrations rather than the cooking classes where you would get your hands dirty touching and chopping the ingredients. Nevertheless, you will have fun since the chefs who were cooking for us are very cool people and beyond just a..

Dinner at Pok Pok, Brooklyn, NY

Pok Pok NY: Interior and menu This past Sunday, I finally went to Pok Pok NY with an exhausted but ravenous friend who has a predilection for Thai food. We trekked out from Manhattan and like everyone has tweeted and written, we did wait on line (my Instagram photo) but thankfully it’s just the 10 minute wait and we’re the last two-top to be admitted into the restaurant. (I won’t pass judgement as to is the wait on line worth it or the trek from Manhattan or elsewhere but it’s a very solid Thai restaurant for the neighborhood.) Pok Pok..

SriPraPhai Thai Restaurant in Woodside, Queens

SriPraPhai’s exterior and interior; Our glasses of Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee SriPraPhai has been the highly touted Thai restaurant in the New York City area ever since 2004 or so. I have admit, I did not venture out to SriPraPhai until this past weekend. It’s a pilgrimage to head out to the middle of Queens where public transportation is relatively limited and you’d have to walk through blocks of ethnic shops to find this understated restaurant. Thankfully, when my dining companion and I arrived there about quarter past noon on a Sunday, it didn’t have a line,..

Excellent Thai at Zabb Elee in East Village

On the sweltering 4th of July, we went to Zabb Elee for dinner. It seemed apt to have Thai food since Thailand tend to have the hot, humid weather almost all year round and their cuisine would adapt well to the climate. Also we craved a vibrant, robust flavored meal. Zaab Elee was lauded by many food enthusiasts and food writers like Dave Cook (who wrote for The New York Times) so we presumed this wouldn’t disappoint. We came in with high expectations and they haven’t proved us wrong. So here’s what we ate…

My Birthday Party! (and need people for a another party…)

Note: This event was taken place last Saturday…I know it’s late but I was actually waiting for a few of Robyn’s photos (which I will credit and link to when it occurs) since I had relatively little photos of the party-goers since I was busy playing hostess of sorts toward the second leg of the party. Edit (11/17/07) : I NO longer need people for my other upcoming party…but thanks for a few of you who have responded! I threw myself a birthday party…a day later. Since I have to take care of family and school stuff that I can’t..

Surviving the Major Chunk of Midterms: Bouchon, Grandaisy, Prem-On Thai

For the past week, I had three midterms and a ten-page paper due, all crammed within four days. I was suffering with stress that I want to scream in vexation due to my aching head. Isn’t college life just awesome? At least I survived the roughest week and there’s a little sprinkling of tests for the next two weeks, which the last one would be two days before my birthday. At least my professors spared me of pain and torture on that day. Thankfully. On Monday, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast at home, so I head over..