Holiday 2013 Cakes from Financier Patisserie

[Translate] Snow falling in Bryant Park (NYC) This morning was another round of snow but I was in Bryant Park’s Winter Village and skating rink to meet up and ice skate with a few friends. It feels and looks romantic in ways with the flakes floating down the sky. At any rate, by the time we’ve done our rounds in the not too crowded rink, since it’s snowing and we’ve arrived relatively early for a Saturday morning, we’ve walked a few blocks east to Grand Central Terminal to get a few sweets at Financier Patisserie. All in the name of..

Fig Hazelnut Crostata While Waiting for Irene

[Translate] Fig hazelnut crostata Like many other people on the Northeast Coast of the United States, I’m trapped in my house because of what was the impending Hurricane Irene, as many restaurants shut down and Mayor Bloomberg did a gradual shutdown of NYC that even the transit system isn’t running. (more…)

Finally…I Ate Their Sliders

[Translate] If anything besides macarons, my recent obsession for the past few months is to get my hands on Bouchon Bakery’s cute, petite Wagyu beef sliders that Ed Levine and Robyn had. The only thing that killed me is that they don’t serve them everyday and most of the time whenever I ask the host about their sliders, it’s not served that day. That is until now. This is the first time I ever eaten from Bouchon’s Bakery’s café/restaurant. All of the previous posts that I’ve written about Bouchon were only from their take-out. After I’ve been seated and perused..

A Bunch of Stuff: Pierre Herme’s Chocs, Bouchon Bakery lunch (again), and Macaron Meet Up!

[Translate] This is a bit of a backtrack post since I wanted to write about my first Shake Shack experience. So, I’ll start from Monday evening, when Robyn got me some macarons, as you have probably seen or read from this post, and some chocolate bonbons from her Parisian vacation last week. Since I’ve ingested my macarons first, I wanted to try Pierre Herme‘s chocolates. Why not? I love his macarons, I’m expecting no less of standards after eating the maccies. So, here’s the chocolates… Side view of box Chocs protected with a plastic cover Chocolates plated (more…)

Eleven Madison Park Restaurant: The Gourmand Menu

[Translate] For the sake of being curious, I wanted to try Eleven Madison Park‘s tasting menu for lunch. Why? Well, I still have their Restaurant Week certificate (which worth $24.07). It would be interesting to let Chef Daniel Humm strut his stuff for lunch, instead of me picking out what I think tastes good. The only thing differed from my tasting from the menu was the Lobster Cappuccino due to the fact that I’m allergic to shellfish. Here’s the menu (read the second page). As always first, the bread and butter. I’m still amused how they serve the butter Butter..

Snacking at Vosges Haut Chocolat, Dinner at Ajisen Restaurant & Lunch at Tisserie

[Translate] The countdown begins (about 2 weeks) ’til classes are over. This almost equates to the fact that my eating out days are coming to an end as well. At least, I get time to spend at home or at a friend’s home, baking or cooking something instead of buying food, but that would be around the Christmas and New Year holidays. This week I went to three venues that is a little bit of something to note. On Tuesday afternoon, I went down to SoHo to try Vosgues Haut Chocolat‘s hot chocolate. I’ve read that their “Bianca” white hot..

Egg tarts, dumplings, chocolate dumplings and more…

[Translate] I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “I want some Chinese food.” Obviously being in New York, that means Chinatown. So, before I left my house I just grab a cup of coffee and a banana, in hopes of stuffing myself with good Chinese food. The problem with the morning commute is that I haven’t been to Chinatown in a loong time, as in the last time I’ve written about Chinatown was about 2 months ago, long. So, I’ve lost my way there wandering around the streets trying to figure out where the heck are the three..

Once Upon A Tart…

[Translate] Yup, that’s the name of the bakery/cafe that is located in 135 Sullivan Street (near Houston St) in SoHo. I’ve been to this adorable bakery a few times for the past couple of years. Mostly pastries, they did have good madelines and biscottis. Well, after sifting through their own cookbook again in Strands Books, made me want to come back to this place. (I know the photo isn’t balanced and all, but I was in a hurry. Sorry.). The foods I’ve tried were their walnut apricot scone ($2.25), pumpkin cranberry biscotti ($1), a spinach mushroom tart ($5.50) and an..

Union Square, Tisserie…again & c.c.c. (orig. posted 9/6/06)

[Translate] I’ve went to Union Square twice today. Yeah, twice. The first time I was deprived of energy that I had enough time to go down there and hope to get a cup of coffee from my favorite joint, Joe. Unfortunately, it was 6:50 AM and they don’t work the same hours as Starbucks, so it was a lost cause. Anyways, after suffering without coffee until 11 AM, I practically sprinted out of class, to the subways and down back to Union Square. A 20 minute commute (those of you who don’t know where John Jay is, it’s at 10th..