Mile End Sandwich

Exterior of Mile End Sandwich and their sandwich menu Craving smoked meats encased between two slices of homemade rye bread or in an onion roll, my friends and I recently went to Mile End Deli Sandwich in NoHo for an early weekend lunch. Mile End Deli Sandwich is an offshoot of their Jewish deli restaurant, Mile End Deli that is located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. This shiny, minimalist looking sandwich shop isn’t what you’d expect for a Jewish deli or even a sandwich shop. The first thing you’d see once you’ve entered this shop is the unusual, long, jagged wooden..

AQ Kafe’s Sandwich

If you’re an avid reader of the food blog Midtown Lunch, you would’ve known that AQ Kafe has given out sandwiches for free today. I wouldn’t mind schlepping crosstown for a free lunch. It’s not a secret… Arriving there around 11:25, there was a line out the door but it moves quite briskly (about seven minutes from standing on line ’til receiving my sandwich.) There’s a sign at the registers listing the free sandwiches: Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Vine-ripened tomato, and Wild Tuna Salad.

Another Porchetta Review (and a dessert suggestion)

Interior of Porchetta…sort of Probably you’ve read enough food blog posts about Porchetta that your sick about reading it. Well, I’m one of those pesky bloggers who would jump ship to try something relatively new. I’m not saying I’m trying everything new for the sake of being “hip” but more of the idea of loving to get my hands on an awesome sandwich. What made me travel all the way down to East Village from the Upper East Side was for the love of pooorrk. Don’t you know I love pork fat (or any animal fat)?

Surviving the Major Chunk of Midterms: Bouchon, Grandaisy, Prem-On Thai

For the past week, I had three midterms and a ten-page paper due, all crammed within four days. I was suffering with stress that I want to scream in vexation due to my aching head. Isn’t college life just awesome? At least I survived the roughest week and there’s a little sprinkling of tests for the next two weeks, which the last one would be two days before my birthday. At least my professors spared me of pain and torture on that day. Thankfully. On Monday, I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast at home, so I head over..

Lunches at Nathan's and Lassi

Before I start talking about what happened last week, I want to say that I haven’t been able to write anything for the past couple of days because of finals. Yes. The torment that all students of any age especially from high school on, feel the crush of stress and pressure to do well. I’m technically done, except I need to write a philosophy paper but I should be fine…I hope. Moving on. The most furthest I have ever been from the city happened on the week before my finals. I don’t think that statement made any sense or relation..

Uninspired Week

I know some of you are wondering why I am I not updating or writing my a post this week at all? That’s because it’s an uninspiring week of food. Quite sad I have to say, partly due to the fact that I’m stressed with schoolwork (it doesn’t really end until May 21st – my only first and only day of finals, argh) and the nice weather in New York really prevents me from eating a lot. The latter argument is strange and probably hard for some of you to understand, but when the weather’s getting warmer somehow I’m unintentionally..

Homemade Bread, Macarons, Almondine, and Bouchon (again)

This is to back track everything that has happened the entire week or so. Starting with some homemade bread. I made this bread before I actually ate out with my aunt (the one who’s visiting from Hong Kong) from my earlier post, at Chung Moo Roo but since I don’t really have a real recipe for you to write about except that it’s a very close derivative of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread from The Bread Bible except that I used whole wheat flour (about 15 – 20% total) to make it healthy. My aunt is somewhat of a..

A Bunch of Stuff: Pierre Herme’s Chocs, Bouchon Bakery lunch (again), and Macaron Meet Up!

This is a bit of a backtrack post since I wanted to write about my first Shake Shack experience. So, I’ll start from Monday evening, when Robyn got me some macarons, as you have probably seen or read from this post, and some chocolate bonbons from her Parisian vacation last week. Since I’ve ingested my macarons first, I wanted to try Pierre Herme‘s chocolates. Why not? I love his macarons, I’m expecting no less of standards after eating the maccies. So, here’s the chocolates… Side view of box Chocs protected with a plastic cover Chocolates plated

Oms/b Rice Balls & Le Pain Quotidien’s Sandwich

This is basically two short reviews lumped into one. I guess it makes sense, since I don’t want to mix two inexpensive places for something that is on the moderate price bracket (as in Otto, which will be the follow-up posting).The first one up is Oms/b. I ate there around 9:30 AM just because I didn’t get the chance to eat breakfast. So this, in my case would be my breakfast and lunch, per se. I ordered their “Breakfast Set” which contains two rice balls, pickles and a cup of miso soup for the cost of $4.75. I picked the..