Toby’s Public House, Nolita, NYC

Toby’s Public House: Exterior, Wood fire brick oven and menu Over this long weekend, I visited Toby’s Public House in Manhattan’s Nolita for brunch with a friend. It’s relatively new location, as they expanded from their South Slope, Brooklyn location. Inside is a rustic, homey kind of restaurant where there’s dark wood and brick interior. At the bar near the door, there were two large, flat screen televisions on mute while groups of diners were enjoying their conversations and have good pop oldies playing in the background. We started with a craft fermented vodka cosmopolitan cocktail ($10) and a glass..

Lunch at Donatella (NYC)

Executive Chef Jarett Appell at the blinged-out pizza oven & the restaurant’s interior This past Thursday, I had a delicious lunch at Donatella in Chelsea, New York with a group of friends. This is a casual Italian restaurant owned the well-known restaurateur and television personality, Donatella Arpaia. You probably might have heard of the famous blinged-out oven (as seen on Slice) that looks like a gold disco ball but it’s functional and built by Napoli’s best oven-crafters, Stefano Ferrara. Her executive chef Jarett Appell is creating delicious food and excellent Neapolitan-style pizzas that would make a pizza purist and others..

Amazing Pizza at Co. (or Company)

Waaay back on Friday, January 9th, I’ve invited a whole bunch of friends: K, Doug, Helen, Kim, Julie, and Giulia for dinner at Co. Most of us who are familiar with Jim Lahey’s Sullivan Street Bakery are fans of his bread and wouldn’t pass up the chance of trying out his wonderful pizza. Hell, the biggest temptation was Adam Kuban’s multiple posts about Co. made us all weak in the knees and tortured us with the glorious food photos when he previewed and ate during the soft opening run. Co’s exterior and interior Expecting a somewhat of a long wait,..

Lunch with a Gelato Virgin at Otto

Lately, I’ve been on a run with eating out with new stomachs people recently, which is refreshing since Helen can’t join me because she’s all the way up at Columbia University for her rotation (in other words, internship for her pharmacy program). Robyn and K are busy with work. So I met another reader, Drew, for lunch at Otto. Prior to meeting up with Drew, we exchanged emails in terms of what he’s interested in trying. I found out he never ate gelato before. NEVER ate gelato?! That’s…sad. Since we’re here, this is the perfect spot to try out the..

A Reunion with A Long Lost Friend

A Note to the chocoholics: To those of you who have seen my “tasting” photos earlier the past weekend, I will not be posting that anytime soon since I recently finished three bars of chocolate (and my stomach’s hurting because of that), I want to pace myself eating these chocolates and I can do whatever I want since this is my blog! BWHAHAHAHA… Ahem. No, I’m not trying to be mean. I don’t want to have a chocolate backlash and I want to be thorough in what the heck I’m tasting from these chocolates (and I realized when I started..

A Week of Food…Part 1

School’s back in session for me ever since the past Monday and that means I’m spending more time in the city eating out besides school and studying. And I took the eating portion a bit seriously this week since I felt depraved from the food scene since I was working and/or studying almost the entire summer in Queens. Ahhh…it’s good to be back in Manhattan! Since a week is a lot to cover, I’m splitting this up into two posts for the sake of not boring you to death with my ramblings and not to let the post take forever..