Some Great 'cue, Announcement on Shake Shack & Dessert

[Translate] Today, I actually ate barbecue for breakfast and lunch. The crazy thing about that statement is that I ate this in Madison Square Park with all of these people! It’s insane how long the lines are, and how eager people are to get things for free. Come to think about it, who would actually pass up the chance of eating barbecued meats and be graced by the presence of Chris Lilly, one of the country’s best known pit masters, Rick Rodgers, and chef Aaron Sanchez? Chris Lily injecting marinade into pork butt Aaron Sanchez talking on an interview (more…)

My Late Epiphany at Caffé Falai

[Translate] All of my (two) previous experiences with Caffé Falai, the food has been delicious but I tend to think their service sucks since it’s been sloth-like. But I have reached a late epiphany with this place. It’s wonderful to eat here for breakfast and/or brunch. The waitress never rushes you out; the loud, garrulous Italian gentleman, Enrico, greets you and assists you in your coffee and/or pastry order. You can linger here as long as you would like to. Heck, I stayed there for 1 1/2 hours for breakfast and that’s not normal for me. I guess because being..

Going Japanese: Choshi Sushi & Kyotofu

[Translate] This week I went Japanese: for lunch and a dessert flight, if you will. The latter will be explained later on. On Tuesday, I went to Choshi Sushi for lunch. There are two reasons for this venture: (1) I craved for sushi, (2) Chowhounders recommend this place, and (3) I found out recently that this week is Japanese Restaurant Week and that they are participating this event. I went there when it just opened for lunch (12 PM). The place looks clean and streamlined. Take a look: (more…)

A Sugar Laden Morning

[Translate] I don’t know what exactly drove me to eat this much sugar, butter and flour in one morning…as I’m writing this, I getting worried that I’m going to get diabetes and suffer a heart attack eating that many pastries in one day. This is not a good sign. This morning, I went to Georgia’s Bake Shop just because I wanted to scope out the potential macarons that Robyn and I are planning to do for our macaron hunt on April Fool’s Day (that’s Sunday, April 1; anyone who can and will be in NYC, is welcome to join!). The..

Weirdness of Thursday…(sort of) & Welcome to My New Home

[Translate] Yesterday was kind of weird. My two problems were dinner and finding out that my former blog at Blogspot is preventing me from publishing because they label it as SPAM! Why?! Especially it’s been last September that I have been publishing. Since I don’t have much faith in waiting for a response on from Blogger, I’m hoping this place won’t give me problems…my last hope is actually going to Typepad and get meself an account there. To the new readers, welcome! To my loyal readers from Blogger, thank you for reading. I really appreciate it! Ok, enough of my..

A "Light" Lunch Caffé Falai

[Translate] Caffé Falai, located on Lafayette and Bleecker, third and most recent Falai establishment that is owned by Iacopo Falai. I have chosen this place to eat for lunch not primarily for the real food but more in the desserts arena since, if you haven’t noticed, I love desserts, and many food lovers claimed that he creates awesome baked goods. So why not go there?This place is actually a small café. There’s ten tables and the bar, as seating area. The open kitchen is extremely small that I wonder sometimes how can they create such exquisite looking and more importantly,..

Hordes in Chinatown: Chinese New Year Eve, and Mom's Turnip Cake

[Translate] Being either stupid or brave, I went to Chinatown yesterday. In ways it was kind of stupid because of the hordes of people in Chinatown because it’s Chinese New Year’s Eve. (I should say, “Gong Hay Fat Choy” (in Cantonese), “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (transliterated in Mandarin), or 新年 愉快). I’m just brave enough to walk or sometimes shove my way through the crowds. It’s a zoo there. The reasons why I wanted to go to Chinatown were the food and the Flower Market.I went to the Flower Market in Columbus Park first since I’m hoping it won’t be..

Oh Screw It…

[Translate] I’m referring to my “diet.” It seems that I fall into the trap of eating bad every Tuesday or Thursday, just because I have time before classes that I just wander around and end up finding something to eat that isn’t good for me. Oh…whatever. I’m not going to try that hard for the sake of beauty or vanity. It’s just not worth it. As long as I’m not gaining anything, that’s fine with me. For mid-morning snack, I went down to TriBeca to Tribeca Treats for their cupcakes since I heard about them recently from the press and..

Café J’Adore & Otto

[Translate] I went to Café J’Adore for their croissants. I know it’s been months since I’ve actually eaten a croissant but I think I’m mentally prepared to eat another croissant. For those of you who read my two croissant posts, you know what I mean. Interior shots/menu boards inside I’ve read from a plethora of posts from Chowhound pertaining to the topic of the “best croissants” and I saw this place mentioned quite a few times. So, I thought of coming here one day, and today’s the day. First of all, I don’t like this location. It’s teeming with businessmen..