Seasonal Desserts from Bouchon Bakery

[Translate] I know those of you who have been reading my blog for a while are probably getting weary of me due to the fact that every week I’m bound to write something about Bouchon. Well, at least it’s all about desserts. Yeess…the sugary goodness that Bouchon actually excel in most parts (the exclusion is the disappointing French macarons). Since this is about their seasonal stuff, let’s start cracking. With Easter and Passover coming in less than two weeks, Bouchon has created seasonal menus for both holidays, if you seen their menus near the registers recently, you know what I’m..

Little Bits of Announcements…

[Translate] I’m not writing an official food post today, just because I’m (supposed to) writing a ten page paper but only up to page three. Woohooo… Enough with my crappy, soul-sucking, academic life, here’s a bit of random announcements that are food related that you may want to know about or participate in. Those of you who like to participate in voting and write mini-reviews your favorite eating establishments in New York City, go to Zagat and after you’re done voting you get a FREE copy of the 2008 New York City Restaurants guide! Start voting now to May 18th...

Madness at Shake Shack

[Translate] Today is too gorgeous to not eat out in an open space. It’s 72 degrees Fahrenheit, warm, and sunny…so why not? Since I have no clue what restaurants actually has good food and a nice outdoor seating, I went back to Shake Shack. I know I went here last week but I changed my order a bit to expand my horizons on their menu. When I got here at 11:05 A.M., there’s already a line formed unlike last week. The line is actually about halfway to the end of the block on Madison Avenue and 28th Street. It’s not..

A Bunch of Stuff: Pierre Herme’s Chocs, Bouchon Bakery lunch (again), and Macaron Meet Up!

[Translate] This is a bit of a backtrack post since I wanted to write about my first Shake Shack experience. So, I’ll start from Monday evening, when Robyn got me some macarons, as you have probably seen or read from this post, and some chocolate bonbons from her Parisian vacation last week. Since I’ve ingested my macarons first, I wanted to try Pierre Herme‘s chocolates. Why not? I love his macarons, I’m expecting no less of standards after eating the maccies. So, here’s the chocolates… Side view of box Chocs protected with a plastic cover Chocolates plated (more…)

NY Kom Tang Soot Bul Kai Bi & Bouchon Bakery with Robyn

[Translate] Today was a bit unusual for me to go fooding with someone since it’s a Monday. That someone was Robyn. She e-mailed me over on Sunday regarding to a favor that I’ve asked for when she went to her food and fun excursion to Paris for her Spring Break (Lucky girl), which is getting me some Pierre Herme’s stuff! I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I’ll just start from the beginning… We’ve exchanged e-mails wondering where the heck do we eat, meet, and get my PH goodies; eventually we agreed on Korean food at NY Kom Tang Soot..

A Real Lunch at Bouchon, Dessert, and Gelato at Whole Foods

[Translate] I’ll do this post in chronological order. Back on Tuesday, I went to Bouchon Bakery for dessert. I think this shouldn’t surprise you anymore to the fact that I’m getting a bit monotonous with this place but…I can’t help it. Their stuff is too tasty and pretty not talk about. Anyways, I had their “Le Mont Blanc” ($7.75) and a cup of coffee. Split in half… (more…)

Eleven Madison Park Restaurant: The Gourmand Menu

[Translate] For the sake of being curious, I wanted to try Eleven Madison Park‘s tasting menu for lunch. Why? Well, I still have their Restaurant Week certificate (which worth $24.07). It would be interesting to let Chef Daniel Humm strut his stuff for lunch, instead of me picking out what I think tastes good. The only thing differed from my tasting from the menu was the Lobster Cappuccino due to the fact that I’m allergic to shellfish. Here’s the menu (read the second page). As always first, the bread and butter. I’m still amused how they serve the butter Butter..

Some Great 'cue, Announcement on Shake Shack & Dessert

[Translate] Today, I actually ate barbecue for breakfast and lunch. The crazy thing about that statement is that I ate this in Madison Square Park with all of these people! It’s insane how long the lines are, and how eager people are to get things for free. Come to think about it, who would actually pass up the chance of eating barbecued meats and be graced by the presence of Chris Lilly, one of the country’s best known pit masters, Rick Rodgers, and chef Aaron Sanchez? Chris Lily injecting marinade into pork butt Aaron Sanchez talking on an interview (more…)

My Late Epiphany at Caffé Falai

[Translate] All of my (two) previous experiences with Caffé Falai, the food has been delicious but I tend to think their service sucks since it’s been sloth-like. But I have reached a late epiphany with this place. It’s wonderful to eat here for breakfast and/or brunch. The waitress never rushes you out; the loud, garrulous Italian gentleman, Enrico, greets you and assists you in your coffee and/or pastry order. You can linger here as long as you would like to. Heck, I stayed there for 1 1/2 hours for breakfast and that’s not normal for me. I guess because being..