Lower East Side


Dinner at Prune

Papadum with Prune’s menus & Interior Last night, I figured to have dinner with a my friends last night at Prune. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve been to this excellent restaurant for dinner (I’m a long time fan for brunch) so I came armed with my camera and the Weryoo app to share my photos. Weryoo is a new photo sharing community that allows you to pin/locate where you’ve taken your photos, given the fact you’ve allowed your camera or any photo taking app (if you’re not using Weryoo’s camera directly) with the locate function on. It’s fun..

El Rey Coffee – A Great Coffee Spot in the LES

Interior of El Rey Coffee & Making my Cappuccino El Rey is a very new coffee shop that just opened in the Lower East Side by Nicholas Morgenstern of a very good East Village restaurant, Goat Town. If you have not realized this, the Lower East Side doesn’t have many options for very good coffee compared to other parts of Manhattan. El Rey is a caffeine life saver for the area. They exclusively use Counter Culture coffee beans and make espresso shots off a gleaming Strada machine (makes a wonderful cappuccino and every coffee geek’s dream if he/she has the..

Dinner at Hotel Chantelle’s Rooftop

Hotel Chantelle’s Entrance, Menus & Rooftop Crowd Hotel Chantelle is named after a French World War II safe house, is retro in design. Chef Seth Levine is a newest appointee to helm the kitchen of this bar/restaurant and he already has a full plate taking care of other New York City restaurants like The Stand and Wine & Roses, as well as Georgica in East Hampton, is known for his whimsical plays on modern American cuisine. When my dining companion and I arrived to Hotel Chantelle’s rooftop, it’s full of the attractive, late brunching/partying crowd who are still reveling in..

Yuji Ramen at Whole Foods Smorgasburg

Yuji Ramen’s counter; Cold soba teas and Tsukemono pickles Whole Foods Smorgasburg recently chose Yuji Ramen, owned by Chef Yuji Haraguchi, as part of their pop-up vendor. I’m excited as my Asian self loves ramen, especially on chilly winter-like days we’re having here. Having lunch there on Saturday afternoon with a friend, we started with cups of cold soba tea ($2 each) and share a small bamboo boat of Tsukemono pickles ($3). The tea vaguely reminds me of genmaicha from the subtle toasty, nutty flavors in the tea. The pickles were the nukazuke variety consisting of gently briny cucumber, carrots,..

Milk Truck at Whole Foods Bowery

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese is the second phase of the Smorgasburg at Whole Foods at the Bowery. This is a unique pop-up restaurant/residency for one Brooklyn Flea/Smorgaburg food vendor every month. Each vendor (in this case, the Milk Truck) takes over one of the second-floor counters at the Lower East Side store, establishing a sort of “step up” space between a market booth and a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

The Joy of Sake Preview Party at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya

The Joy of Sake’s Preview Party on Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya’s terrace Last night I attended Joy of Sake‘s preview party at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya. At this party, a selection of 40 gold and silver award-winning sakes from the 2011 U.S. National Sake Appraisal were served. Food served at the party Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya served a delicious, buffet-style appetizers and maki sushi. The restaurant’s signature fried chicken were delectable. A bit of crunch, juicy and delicious, especially with their chili sauce. When the waiters brought out the huge sushi platter, it caught the entire room’s attention. The maki..

il laboratorio del gelato

Neon sign of the gelateria; Gelato; Espresso and coffee machines Back in 2002, when artisan ice creams started to hit its stride in New York City Jon Snyder proprietor of Il Laboratorio del Gelato was located at a tiny storefront at Orchard Street. If you recall a post from The New York Times last year, he moved to a much larger space, at 3,300 square feet, to make the retail portion of his business a bit more comfortable for his customers and opening later hours. There’s also more flavors available from 30 to 50 flavors. (If you ever visited the..

Meet-Up Dinner (Sort of) at The Meatball Shop

Interior: The dining room (left) and down the bar (right) About a week ago, I had dinner with an old friend, Michael and meeting a new one, one of NY Times’ freelance photographers, Evan Sung at the Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side. A casual, fun, nostalgic meal that’s causing quite a media stir that specializes on their namesake – meatballs. Entering the small, already bustling restaurant at 6:45 PM, one would see the aged-looking walls decorated in black and white portraits and vintage kitchen tools (like hand-cranked meat grinders) and a tinned ceiling. Two-top tables strewn against the..


My dear readers, probably if you read my blog long enough to know the essence of my eating habits most of my diet would compose of approximately 50% meat (preferably pork), 30% complex carbohydrates (as in noodles and rice), the remaining 20% miscellaneous (drinks, coffee, desserts, etc.). For the past month or so, all the buzz has been around Baohaus. Prodding around their site and reading Chef/Owner Eddie Huang’s own blog, I like his style (he said “PORK FAT IS FOREVER” and the meats are red cooked (meaning, braised in a flavorful, aromatic broth containing soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger,..