Dinner at Kori

Kori’s exterior and interior of the dining room Kori is a small, narrow, elegant Korean restaurant in TriBeCa. If you read their menu, they serve mainly traditional Korean fare but a few dishes does cater to the neighborhood. They plating them a bit more polished and comparing to a couple of really old school Korean restaurants, toning down the spiciness so it can appeal to everyone. Even though there’s a few tweaks, the depth of flavors in the dishes we ate (I went to dinner there with my parents) were incredible and thoroughly enjoyed by all. During the time I..

Lunch at Kum Sung Chik Naengmyun

Restaurant signage and our banchan spread On a recent chilly Saturday afternoon, my family and I craved Korean food and decided on eating at Kum Sung Chik Naengmyun (interestingly enough, their sign reads Geum Sung Restaurant). Hearing good things from friends about this and remembered that this restaurant’s specialty is generally cold noodles, we thought it would be an interesting change from our norms of Chinese food at home. Entering this restaurant, it is traditional in the sense that it is mostly decorated in warm blonde woods with tabletops that has covered gas burners for Korean-style barbecue. The waitresses there..

Homemade Kimchi

Some of the ingredients to make kimchi Over the summer, I attended the Cook Out NYC preview party hosted at Jimmy Carbone’s restaurant, Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village and watched Kheedim Oh of Mama O’s Kimchee demonstrate how to make kimchi. Intrigued and inspired, I thought of making it myself…eventually. That eventually was ten days ago when I drove to my local Korean grocery store and saw Napa cabbage was on sale and take the initiative to really make it.   It’s not exactly the kimchi recipe that I saw from the mentioned demonstration though the foundations of..

Lunch at BCD Tofu

Earlier last week, I went to BCD Tofu with my mom for lunch. She craved Korean food and I asked my best friend, Helen for suggestions a few days earlier (she’s Korean, so she knows what’s good), this ended up as the destination of choice. Admittedly, BCD is sort of on the hype end of the Koreatown spectrum besides the soon-to-be-opening Kyochon Chicken but at least I found some respite of not seeing cameras compared to Baohaus. Interior When we entered this restaurant, we’re greeted with a hostess in Korean and asked for seating for two. After sitting down at..

An Evening of Food with Helen: Restaurant Forte Baden Baden, Koryodang, and Shake Shack

Two weeks ago, Helen and I had a chicken craving. Since Helen’s quite knowledgeable in the realm of Korean food (she’s of Korean descent, in case you’re wondering), she recommended either Bon Chon Chicken or Baden Baden. She told me she hasn’t tried the latter and was curious about it, Restaurant Forte Baden Baden (that’s whole name) was our dinner spot for the evening. It’s a bar It seems popular with the Korean restaurants that serves good chicken dish, at least from what Helen describes them to me, are bars and it gets louder as the night goes on. The..

Lunch at BBQ Chicken

This is one of the rare posts that is SHORT. Yes, I know I usually write Bible-length posts but for once I’m keeping it short because my mind’s getting a bit burnt from writing the articles for Gotham Digest. I’m not complaining. I’m just tired. Also the time lapse from eating here was three weeks so my memory’s dissipating about the food. I just hope you’ll tolerate with this very short post. Whenever I’m at work, I usually chat online with K and Robyn talking about various things about our lives and most of the time about food. Since K..

My Last Day of Fun…Fooding with Ariel (pre-Momofuku), Jumping Photos, and the Pork Fest!

Note: I had other food stuff to write beforehand but this post is waay more interesting. I’ll rewind later on this week, if I have the chance. Yesterday was arguably the best day I’ve ever had in a while, besides my birthday lunch/celebration. What made it memorable is the fact that since I’m going to face finals next week(!) and my indecisive phase of life contemplating about my career. I don’t know if I want to do paralegal work or flirt with the idea of immersing myself to the food writing/photography world. The latter is quite tempting to go for..

The Day When I Felt Like I’m Going to Have a Stomach Explosion

Ever since the party, K have been urging me that I MUST go to Pinisi. She mentions it frequently on her blog and as much as I love that girl, I had the odd feeling that she went through hypnosis to actually to be that enamored with a bakery. I mean, I love bakeries but I don’t really have a favorite. The main reason why I go to Bouchon Bakery (and write a TON about it) is because it’s tasty; the food’s pretty; and it’s the biggest reason of all: it’s the closest thing to my campus besides Whole Foods…

Lunch with My Aunt at Chung Moo Ro

I have about an hour to write this post for you before I go to class. Since this lunch I’m writing about now took place last Friday, I might as well tell you about this meal in K-town that I had with my aunt and her son who are visiting from Hong Kong. The reason why I’m in the city on a Friday afternoon, which normally never happens since I don’t have classes on Friday and it’s my (so called) Spring Break, it’s because my aunt wanted to see the Macy’s Flower Show in Herald Square. No, I’m not going..