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Vioko (Barcelona, Spain) – Upscale Chocolates and Delicious Gelati

During our vacation to Barcelona, we stopped by Vioko since we’ve read the shop has some seriously good gelati (plural for gelato or an Italian version of ice cream) that has more than the basic flavors. Since we were near the beaches of Barcelona and it was a very warm, mid-October afternoon (the high temperature then was near 80°F) this was a great idea. Vioko is owned and run by pastry chef Lucila Baiardi (photographed above), an Argentine expat who studied the fine art of pastry around various kitchens in Europe and eventually settled in Barcelona to open this sleek,..

Delicious Ice Cream at Bassetts (Philadelphia, PA)

The long line at Bassetts A fifth-generation family business and a Philadelphia tradition since 1861, Bassetts Ice Cream Company is a full-service frozen dessert distributor, offering great products and superior service. Founded in 1861, Bassetts is America’s oldest ice cream company and has been serving the frozen treat in the market since 1893. Bassetts was started by Lewis Bassett, a schoolteacher in Salem, N.J., who began his summertime business with dairy cows and a mule that pulled the crank on a giant ice cream-making machine in his backyard. Lewis’ grandson and namesake perfected the company’s high-butterfat, all-natural confection and some..

Funky, Tasty Ice Creams at Little Baby’s Ice Cream (Philadelphia, PA)

Entrance to Little Baby’s Ice Cream & ice cream flavor menu One of the sweltering days we were in Philly, we stopped by the quirky Little Baby’s Ice Cream in the West Philly neighborhood that is attached to this equally funky pizza shop called Pizza Brain. Reading through the ice cream flavor menu, it’s pretty mind bending as to how crazy their flavors are like Grape Grape-Nuts, Peanut Butter Tarragon, and their signature Earl Grey Sriracha.

A.B. Biagi Gelato

A.B. Biagi’s window; Antonio Biagi (the owner) scooping chocolate sorbet; Artwork on the walls; Coffee beans for sale, and the interior A.B. Biagi is a sunny yellow gelato shop in Nolita, by its proprietor, Antonio Barros Biagi. Antonio first fell in love with gelato while growing up with his Italian family in the Brazilian countryside. Italian immigrants adapted their gelato recipes to Brazil’s tropical weather, using local fruits and naturally lower fat milk to create lighter frozen desserts that could stand up to the heat. He spent seven years studying gelato, and now he has opened his own bright yellow..

Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn, NY

Ample Hills Creamery: Exterior; At the counter; Stacks of ice cream cones and organic toppings Last weekend, my friend and I headed to Ample Hills Creamery in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn before we we had dinner at Kiwiana since we had time to kill before our meal after making our trek from Manhattan. Ample Hills Creamery looks and feels like an old fashioned ice cream parlor. You’d see toddlers and tweens happily jumping around while waiting with their parents on line for ice cream for ten minutes. I remember seeing a few kids even peddling furiously on the window front’s stationary..

Awesome Ice Cream from Humphry Slocombe, San Francisco

Exterior & interior shots of Humphry Slocombe and one of the proprietors Jake Godby I finally made it to the ice cream Holy Grail…Humphry Slocombe. Probably not everyone would understand the eccentricity behind the work of co-owners Jake Godby and Sean Vahey from the humoruous tongue-in-cheek names to the unusual flavor combinations for ice cream and sorbet. You can almost say they are the West Coast brothers of Big Gay Ice Cream except the latter does soft-serve ice cream. When you enter this ice cream parlor, it looks like a classic, retro ice cream shop – black-and-white tile floor, chrome-and-red-leather..

Holiday Sweets Gift Guide 2011

Here’s the next edition of the holiday gift guide: it’s all about sweets. Chocolates, cakes, cookies, confections, and ice cream. Hopefully, you won’t go into a sugar high by just looking at the photos but these are a number of notable sweets that I like a lot. Have thoughts of other brands or sweets I should try? Please comment below and I might consider in the near future. A quick refresher as to how to look through this gift guide: Your computer/mobile device has to be capable of viewing Flash. (iPad and iPhone users, please view the PDF version of..

Homemade Snow Skin Mooncakes (冰皮月饼)

I’m continuing my tradition of making my own mooncakes for myself and my family. (Here is last year’s mooncakes post.) The two main reasons why I’m making my own mooncakes is I know what the heck is in them (especially, I’m hearing/reading a lot of preservatives and odd things are getting into manufactured mooncakes recently) and I can make any flavor I want. I know I’m a week or so early for the Mid-Autumn Festival, as it’s on September 12th, but I know I’ll be busy that weekend. As I have received a lot of emails about this: my large..

Ice Cream, Chocolates and Cookies: Chozen Ice Cream, Valrhona, Jin Patisserie, and Alégio’s Claudio Corallo

Note: This is a general post all about sweets I’ve eaten within the past several weeks just to catch up before my grad school schedule gets in the way… Trio of Chozen ice cream flavors Several weeks ago when we’re all suffering (in New York City, at least) from the blistering heat. Desperate for relief – and wanted to try something different I picked up some pints of Chozen Ice Cream. This ice cream company started out of an idea of three Jewish women wanted to take the idea of traditional Jewish sweets and put it into a sophisticated form..