Reginald’s Nut Butters, Baked Elements Cookbook & Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Ginger Scones

Reginald’s Nut Butters You might be wondering, how does a (very good) artisanal nut butter company Reginald’s Homemade based in Richmond, Virginia can connect with the upcoming release of the (awesome and beautifully photographed by Tina Rapp) Baked Elements by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito cookbook? Reginald’s Homemade create what I think are one of the best nut butters out in the country. It’s pure nut butter without the sugar. To make the nut butters interesting, they do make blend some of nut butters with booze. (If you are curious, I do highly recommend the Bourbon Pecan Peanut Butter, which..

Yogurt Themed Brunch

Earlier this week, I received a bunch of Dannon Activia yogurts by Foodbuzz (seen here) to cook a brunch for a couple of friends. I’ve tried the flavors prior to making anything. I had vanilla, and their fruit flavored yogurts Harvest Picks of peach, strawberry and mixed berry. They tasted good. It’s not too thick or thin and it had a minute amount of tartness from the yogurt cultures. I also liked there were some chunks of fruit, if applicable, blended in there as well. Whole wheat yogurt blueberry pancakes with a mixed berry smoothie Since it was brunch, I..

Christmas Dinner – Carnivore’s Feast of Pat LaFrieda Meats and Pure Bred Lamb

Christmas table setting, Whole mustard-rosemary Chateaubriand roast and my portion of that meat Christmas dinner was essentially a carnivore’s feast. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vegetables but since I’m thinking holidays, I normally associate large hunks of meat to share with friends and family. That’s when I start ordering from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors for their fine butchered meats and Pure Bred Lamb from Waynesburg, Pennsylvania for its distinguished holistically raised lamb. Pat LaFrieda is a family-owned and operated butchering distribution are the meat source of over 600 restaurants. They also the source gourmet burgers of popular in..

Cooking with Emile Henry – Chicken Apricot Tagine

Emile Henry Pans and Mortar and Pestle For the past several years, I’ve been a fan of Emile Henry‘s French ceramic cookware and more recently, their colorful plates. It reflects my Francophile ways. Their products are very useful at home, giving some colorful punch to my mostly silver pans, and it helps a lot when I have dinner parties that their pans are large enough to feed the six to eight guests I have over (hence my recent purchases above). Homemade chicken apricot tagine After a recent conversation with a friend of mine, we were talking about how it would..

Fig Hazelnut Crostata While Waiting for Irene

Fig hazelnut crostata Like many other people on the Northeast Coast of the United States, I’m trapped in my house because of what was the impending Hurricane Irene, as many restaurants shut down and Mayor Bloomberg did a gradual shutdown of NYC that even the transit system isn’t running.

Outdoor Dining for My Brother’s Birthday Dinner

The birthday cake The past weekend, I celebrated my brother’s birthday with our family by cooking and baking a storm for him. The one of the highlights of this meal was the birthday cake you see above, a dark chocolate yuzu Valrhona Caramelia mousse cake. Sounds awesome, right? A thin dark chocolate cake base (chocolate biscuit; not the buttery, flaky Southern biscuits you’re thinking of), lightened and sweetened by the Caramelia chocolate chantilly, contrasted with the bracingly tart yuzu cream. If you have some basic baking techniques down and have some time, you can make this cake. I’ll give you..

Kusmi Tea’s Anniversary Party and Anastasia Tea Ice Cream Recipe

Whether or not you’re aware of it, the 140-year old Parisian based tea brand (who did serve Russian royalty at St. Petersburg prior to moving to Paris in 1917), Kusmi has a New York City boutique in the Upper East Side. And it’s been there for a year. I seen their boutiques in Paris when I visited last year and was intrigued by their streamlined interior and the beautiful teas. Assorted sandwiches and cookies to nibble on & My goody bag Since it was their 1st anniversary on July 14th, on Bastille Day no less, they invited me to their..

WA Imports’ Brands – Amazing Japanese Food Products

WA Imports’ brands I stumbled upon WA Imports from shopping once every so often to the museum-like gourmet store (same goes for the prices), Dean & Deluca in the search for unusual marmalades (for spreading on sandwiches, scones, sandwich cookie filling, or serve along on a cheese platter) that D&D stocks frequently. One in particular was from Yakami Orchards yuzu marmalade. I searched for the company’s site and ended up from their importer, WA Imports. This company is an ingredient driven company, partnering with some of the world’s finest artisanal growers and processors that tend to skew toward Japanese brands..

Caviar-centric Dinner from California Caviar

Caviars & Roes from California Caviar A few weeks ago I received a shipment of caviars and roes from California Caviar. This company specializes in sustainable caviar, works with the United States’ top caviar importers, farmers, and purveyors to provide the highest quality sustainable alternatives to luxury food items. They harvest their fish’s roe the time-honored traditional way. Most caviar producers should (if not already) follow this company’s mission as the populations of sturgeon fish are dwindling, which is one of the reasons why I chose to use their caviar for my luxurious dinner. In my overnight box contained: Farmed..