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Tasting Dinner at Public

Interior & Tasting Menu Last Thursday, I had the honor of having Executive Chef Brad Farmerie to cook for me and my friend at Public. It was an honor especially the fact that he took his time from his busy schedule, as he had a newborn daughter a few weeks ago. (Congratulations again, Brad!) Meeting him prior to dinner service, he was very gracious and asked if there were preferences for us to try on their current menu but we let Chef Farmerie take the wheel. (Just to note, the tasting menu seen above was sent to me the day..

My Food Crush on Mia Dona

The past week, I took one of those luxurious lunch hours and went to Mia Dona. Why would I pick this place? Well, given to the fact that there’s been quite a bit of press from Alan Richman’s GQ blog, Ed Levine written a little post about it, and NY Magazine has a video about the food – all seem very positive and enticing that I thought to myself to go there and try it out. Interior; front and back

Fooding with Friends on My Last Day of Classes! (Taïm and Graffiti)

Last Saturday was officially my last day of school. No more classes. No more quizzes, papers, and tests! Good riddance…at least for now. I’m giving myself a break from school for a year. Get a real job (but still go out eating, of course) and then go through the madness of applications of either law school or grad school. To kind of celebrate this event, I asked several friends to have lunch with me at Taïm. Seungmi was in the city before the supposed time where all of us should meet, I hanged out with her, browsing through a few..

My Last Day of Fun…Fooding with Ariel (pre-Momofuku), Jumping Photos, and the Pork Fest!

Note: I had other food stuff to write beforehand but this post is waay more interesting. I’ll rewind later on this week, if I have the chance. Yesterday was arguably the best day I’ve ever had in a while, besides my birthday lunch/celebration. What made it memorable is the fact that since I’m going to face finals next week(!) and my indecisive phase of life contemplating about my career. I don’t know if I want to do paralegal work or flirt with the idea of immersing myself to the food writing/photography world. The latter is quite tempting to go for..

The Day When I Felt Like I’m Going to Have a Stomach Explosion

Ever since the party, K have been urging me that I MUST go to Pinisi. She mentions it frequently on her blog and as much as I love that girl, I had the odd feeling that she went through hypnosis to actually to be that enamored with a bakery. I mean, I love bakeries but I don’t really have a favorite. The main reason why I go to Bouchon Bakery (and write a TON about it) is because it’s tasty; the food’s pretty; and it’s the biggest reason of all: it’s the closest thing to my campus besides Whole Foods…

A Quasi-Healthy Lunch at Bouchon and Brunch with People…

This week or so was pretty much uneventful until yesterday, which I will get to soon. Why? Just because I meant to do that since I’m getting conscious (sorta) of what I’m eating since I joined a gym the past two weeks and I’m thinking to myself, I shouldn’t eat that much or I’m working out for almost NOTHING. So, I’m trying to limit myself as to something “interesting” for you guys to read about what I’m eating. I know, it’s a shame as a food blogger that I’m doing this to myself and in the end, you. But I’ll..

A Fun Outing with Robyn’s Posse and the Pork Stupor Dinner

On Saturday, Robyn invited me and a bunch of her friends to her extremely belated birthday dinner (since her birthday was on late August). I honestly have to say, this was my highly anticipated event of the season. I mean, you’re hanging out with the coolest and funnest food bloggers and her friends, and eating a huge hunk of pork, which will be spoken about later. On another note why I am saying it’s a highly anticipated event it’s because it’s my first time eating at Momofuku Ssäm for dinner; I hang my head down in shame for being the..

A Great Burger and Chocolate Cake at The Spotted Pig

For a long while now, I’ve always wanted to go to The Spotted Pig but I never have because I keep forgetting to go there because it’s somewhere hidden in the crazy maze of West Village and the fact that I need someone else to eat with me since I don’t want to make multiple visits. But finally, I went there the past Thursday for lunch with my friend (that I know from Kim) Eno. As my original fear for coming, Eno had a bit of trouble finding the place (thankfully I was prepared by remembering the map online) and..