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A Sugar Laden Morning

I don’t know what exactly drove me to eat this much sugar, butter and flour in one morning…as I’m writing this, I getting worried that I’m going to get diabetes and suffer a heart attack eating that many pastries in one day. This is not a good sign. This morning, I went to Georgia’s Bake Shop just because I wanted to scope out the potential macarons that Robyn and I are planning to do for our macaron hunt on April Fool’s Day (that’s Sunday, April 1; anyone who can and will be in NYC, is welcome to join!). The strange..

Weirdness of Thursday…(sort of) & Welcome to My New Home

Yesterday was kind of weird. My two problems were dinner and finding out that my former blog at Blogspot is preventing me from publishing because they label it as SPAM! Why?! Especially it’s been last September that I have been publishing. Since I don’t have much faith in waiting for a response on from Blogger, I’m hoping this place won’t give me problems…my last hope is actually going to Typepad and get meself an account there. To the new readers, welcome! To my loyal readers from Blogger, thank you for reading. I really appreciate it! Ok, enough of my problems…I..

Odd Impulses, Cappuccinos, Fooding and Moishe's

I’m thinking I’m possibly one of the minuscule number of food bloggers in New York City who ate at Momofuku Ssäm for the first time. I know, I’m a sad case. Anyways, it’s always cool to have two friends to eat out with: Julie and Robyn. But before I get to that, earlier in the morning I went to Whole Foods in Union Square for a mid-morning breakfast. Just be warned, this is going to be a looong post since I’m not planning to eat anything interesting for the rest of the week. I think I lost some readers here…oops...

A Day of (Sinful) Comfort Food

For the past two days in New York City, it felt like the Arctic. Not like it’s unusual of New York to be this cold but I just don’t like to walk or get out of bed in this type of weather. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way for me since I have classes. Pooh. At least classes start late for me today so I indulge myself into a bit of sinful, comfort foods. I should note that I’m not supposed to eat these items just because I have to go “on a diet.” I put those words in quotes..

Round 2 of Restaurant Week Lunch: Telepan

Oh vey. Another restaurant to eat in. Two more to go…(that’s next week) Telepan in my perspective, a restaurant that caters to the neighborhood…well sort of. It’s very basic food fare (nothing out of the ordinary) and the prices are moderate, considering the location. When I first entered the door of this restaurant, at the maître d’s table I saw a small stack of Chef Bill Telepan’s book! It just hit me of the NY Times article that Frank Bruni just written about. If you want to know what I’m talking about, click here. I felt a bit of vexation..

Taking a Break from Haute Cuisine: Chinatown

I’m seriously eating too much food this week. I’m definitely taking it easy on the food after this Saturday. I’m still going to the remaining two restaurants next week but don’t expect the daily write-ups I’m doing this week. It’ll most likely be the once or twice a week posting from the next week on. Sorry, my body can handle so much food. Today I went to Chinatown since I’m eating all this fancy stuff the past two days (Cafe Sabarsky and A Voce), I just randomly go into different bakeries all over C-town and hope to find something that..

A Taste of Summer…(and future plans: Restaurant Week)

In the form of dessert, that is. Yeah, my mom’s still in the holiday mode of eating; hence the Christmas plate My mother was wanted a dessert this morning that can be eaten by dinner. She has an obsession with citrus type desserts that is a bit decadent as well, so the frozen key lime pie the bill. The pie is very refreshingly tart, a bit creamy from the condensed milk and egg yolks, and the crunchiness of the graham cracker crust. It’s a beautiful symphony of sweet, tart, crisp, and creamy characteristics of this pie that made my mom..