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A Birthday Lunch at Asiate and Dessert at Dumbo

[Translate] The past Monday, my friend Dave wanted to celebrate his birthday early since he’s going down south to Florida during the actual time, so being a good friend I ate lunch with him at Asiate. Everything is so…pretty and elegant. The views of Central Park and midtown Manhattan is pretty awesome as well. Interior Reflection (more…)

That Is Some French Macaron…

[Translate] For the past week I went to Madeline Patisserie in Chelsea since I remember reading recently from the NY Times that they sell macarons (Please don’t confuse them with the coconut macaroons; this is the almond meringue based cookies sandwiched with ganache or buttercream, ok?); one of my multitudinous food obsessions and my hopes to find a good one in NYC that doesn’t suck. I went here on two separate occasions. Why? Because from my first visit there, it was they were still baking it and the weather was crummy. Madeline Patisserie (taken on the second visit) Le Menu..

A Day of Fooding (mostly with Helen)

[Translate] I apologize for not writing for a while, even though you see the photos from my Flickr photostream on my sidebar and the page itself, it’s just because I’m busy with work, studying for LSATs, and now my family is going through a rough time because my mother’s seriously ill. I’m just writing to you guys now for the sake of not focusing on my mother’s situation and keeping myself sane. So, here’s what happened on Monday, when things were generally mirthful. It’s been an awful while for me to have a real day of fooding. What I mean..

Coffee Houses, Bakeries, and a Birthday Lunch

[Translate] For the past two or more weeks, I’ve been going in and out of a few bakeries and coffeehouses just because I love them…and the fact that I’m waiting for my Restaurant Week lunch reservations to kick in sooner. I went to my first (coffee) love Joe (the one in Union Square), since it’s been ages since I last went there. I always pass this tiny shoebox size of a bakery that is called The Adore. I didn’t eat breakfast the morning when I was going to Eleven Madison Park, so I went in and got myself a croissant..

A Bittersweet Ending to Restaurant Week: Eleven Madison Park

[Translate] Lunch at Eleven Madison Park was my last and final restaurant for Restaurant Week on Monday. (For those of you who are still curious when is it over, it’s officially this Friday, July 27, 2007; while some restaurants are extending ’til Labor Day.) EMP’s interior once you enter… I had high hopes for EMP, since I had a really great experience last time when I tried Chef Humm’s Gourmand Menu that courted me to be one of the many fans of this place (if you do a search at Chowhound, you know what I mean or read Frank Bruni..

Dinner at the Bar Room at the Modern (Restaurant Week)

[Translate] The past Friday evening, I had dinner at the Bar Room at the Modern with Ariel. Since I have arrived there earlier than he did, I took the time to take in the atmosphere and the vibe of this place since it is so different than what I have experienced for lunch the last time I was here. It’s more energetic since it is a Friday night: the after-work crowd, friends and dates having their dinners. It’s definitely more relaxed, loud, and arguably chaotic due to the talking, noise, and the start of the weekend. (more…)

Restaurant Week '07: Aquavit Café for Lunch

[Translate] As those of you who are following my tracks on where I’m going for Restaurant Week, I went to Aquavit Café for lunch. Why? Just because of the fact that my dining companion for the day, Ariel was in the mood for Scandinavian rather than something from August. (more…)

Summer Restaurant Week at Aureole and Gelato at Otto

[Translate] This is considered Round 1 of Restaurant Blitz Week, as I call it, since most foodies who love to eat out would try to nab reservations at the pricier yet delicious restaurants around New York City. I admit I was one of the crazy people who would call the restaurant’s reservation line about a month in advance the moment it’s open…as well as making arrangements with people who can eat with me on that particular day. I think the gods knew that the day I wanted time off from work on Wednesday, went against me and made me feel..

Not Really A Post…But It's About Restaurant Week

[Translate] I’m kind of lazy these days due to the heat of the city…and I’m not really eating out just because I’m fasting (sort of) due to the coming of Restaurant Week! I’m planning to have three lunches and a dinner within three days. Sounds like fun yet my weight’s going to take a toll. Oh boy… Technically, Restaurant Week is ten days long (starting on Monday, July 16th) but I’m not willing to spend that much money and I can’t eat that many courses and restaurants. Sure, if I had a basal metabolic rate of a hummingbird then I..